Car crash at SFU sends five to hospital

Photo courtesy of CBC News

Five men were taken to the hospital after a vehicular accident at Simon Fraser University’s Burnaby campus early on a Saturday morning.

“During the morning of Saturday, July 11, there was a motor vehicle crash at the roundabout located where University Drive East and University High Street intersect,” stated Katey Scott, the Communications Officer and central media contact for the SFU Safety & Risk Services.

According to CBC News, the driver of the Honda CR-V sped into the roundabout, but missed the turn and drove right into the center of it. Fortunately, all five men survived the crash. Officers at the site said that speed and alcohol were factors in the collision.

“BC Ambulance, BFD, RCMP and Campus Safety & Security Services (CSSS) staff responded to the crash,” Scott said. “Minor injuries were reported and all occupants of the vehicle were taken to hospital to be checked. The RCMP are further investigating the cause of the crash.”

The SFU Campus Safety and Security Services consider the public awareness of motor transportation safety to be a very important issue. In a statement on their website, the CSSS asserts that it is “dedicated to providing the best public safety and resource protection services to [the] University community.”

Scott confirmed that motor vehicle accidents on campus are a fairly common occurrence, despite various logical steps to prevent them. “There were 40 reported [motor vehicle accidents] in 2010, 56 in 2011, 69 in 2012, 51 in 2013, 55 in 2014 and 33 currently for this year.”

While these accidents “include occurrences, from minor fender benders to more serious crashes with persons being taken to hospital for treatment,” the statistics remain rather high for the CSSS.

“Campus Safety & Security Services want to remind motorists that the decisions drivers make while travelling on campus roads affect the safety of vehicle occupants and the public,” Scott stated.

She offered tips from the CSSS on how to stay safe while travelling in and around SFU. “Make good choices by following traffic signs posted along campus roadways. The speed limit within the campus core is 30 km/h.

“Be aware that the Burnaby RCMP actively enforce traffic violations on campus,” Scott continued. She hopes awareness of the increased attention from the RCMP will lead to a more concrete obedience for traffic rules, which in turn creates more careful driving.

“Watch for pedestrians and cyclists travelling along and across campus roads, and leave the phone and other handheld devices alone while operating a vehicle. These distractions cause crashes.

“Plan ahead,” Scott reminded potential partygoers. “Don’t drink and drive. Designate a sober driver to get to your destination safely.”