Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

It is absolutely stunning that SFU still has not divested from fossil fuels. Despite calls from over 100 faculty members, the SFU Student Union, and various other SFU departments, student organizations, and associations, SFU continues to refuse to agree to fully divest. What is particularly frustrating is that after SFU said “no” at the Pipeline Rally last fall, the pressure increased to a point where any sane university administration would have reached out to Divest SFU.

What is concerning is that SFU is now leaving students, faculty, and organizations no alternative but to increase pressure to shame SFU on the world stage. Among looming Freedom of Information requests to find out exactly why SFU is so tied to fossil fuels will also come information on how much our university just lost due to the fossil fuel crash. We are tired of petitioning, rallying, meeting, writing, networking, and marketing this. We know that it must be done, not just for the future of our planet, but for the future of SFU’s income. How many millions were just lost from our coffers due to the stubborn refusal to divest? Enough is enough: drop the stocks.


Cody Wicks