Food Finds: Fresgo Inn Restaurant is a diamond in the rough


One of the great things about living in the Greater Vancouver area is the number of options one has for mealtime. It’s a great area for going on dining adventures or avoiding repetitive trips to ubiquitous chain restaurants. With the advent of services like Groupon, exploring the rich culinary tapestry of the Lower Mainland can be both fun and affordable.

To get you started on escaping the routine and on your way to new and unique dining experiences, Food Finds will showcase a different restaurant every other week, highlighting just what makes them worthy of heading out your door and through theirs.

Without further ado, let’s get started with our first entry: Fresgo Inn Restaurant and Bakery in Surrey.

Fresgo has been serving Surrey residents since 1963, and if you’ve ever been there, its easy to see why. Though it may not look like much, it would be a grave mistake to judge this book by its cover: it’s clear that the folks who work here put everything into the food rather than the decor. Personally I think the atmosphere itself is not bad — but simply dated — which gives Fresgo the feel of a ‘60s or ‘70s diner. The staff love to chat with their customers, and this really gives it a homey feeling.

As mentioned, the staff at Fresgo put everything into their food, and create culinary delights from what many would consider to be standard fare. Their clam chowder is among the best I’ve ever eaten, as is their fried chicken. If you find yourself there when their prime rib is on the menu, you will find it cooked to perfection. I have never been disappointed with any order I’ve made here, and neither has anyone I’ve introduced to the restaurant.

In addition to having excellent food, the portions are huge — as in, so big that my wife and I can order a schnitzel dinner and split it with neither one of us leaving hungry.

As part of their commitment to quality, the onsite bakery supplies their restaurant with every hamburger, sub, hot dog bun, and loaf of bread used in their kitchen, all baked fresh on a daily basis. This bakery also does the same for its incredible selection of desserts, which can be split just as easily as a dinner.

As a bonus for all of the SFU Surrey students who are tired of the mall food court, Fresgo is just across the street. Check it out!