Board Shorts

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Soups on!

The board approved up to $4,000 from the Space Expansion Fund for the purpose of creating a soup and sandwich station in Higher Grounds. The motion was brought to board by John Flipse, food and beverage services manager.

“We are not making the soup in house like the Ladle, we are rather buying from a wholesaler,” explained Emad Shahid, treasurer. He said the money will be used to purchase all the pots and pans used to “heat up the stuff.”

Build SFU selects SUB engineers

The engineer selection committee recommended to board the approval of three groups as engineering consultants on the Build SFU student union building (SUB) project.

The board approved the selection of Integral Group as mechanical engineering consultants, Fast + Epp as structural engineering consultants, and MMM Group Limited as electrical engineering consultants for the SUB.

This marks the next step in the SUB project as it enters the architectural design development phase. On Thurs., Mar. 20, the architects also presented potential building designs for the student union building and asked those in attendance for feedback.


Highland audio/visual system to be upgraded

The board approved $19,000 plus taxes from the Space Expansion Fund to upgrade the AV system in the lower area of the Highland Pub.

“The plan is to make the lower pub busier than it is right now,” Shahid said. “That could potentially help us to host events that are specific to a number of people that would not take up the entire pub.”

Applied sciences representative Raham SaberiNiaki questioned the $19,000 price tag, but Shahid explained that the company that gave them the estimate was the same firm that installed the AV system in 2010.


2014/2015 Budget

Shahid presented a preliminary budget planning sheet for 2014/2015 to the board, asking for input on variable line items (i.e. those that have flexible budgets). Board members were invited to approach Shahid in the upcoming weeks, with any proposals from board going to FASC for approval.

Once board members have given their final input, the board will bring the proposed budget to students for feedback.