University Briefs

By Ariane Madden

60 Montreal students arrested amid continued protests

Sixty Montreal students were arrested on April 4 after destroying parts of a hotel and shopping centre, including using a “pyrotechnic device” amid continued demonstrations against proposed tuition increases in Quebec. The provincial government refuses to negotiate on the increases despite the rampant student pressure.

UOttawa considers electronics ban in lectures

The University of Ottawa senate has recently passed a new policy, which will allow professors to determine whether or not they allow electronic devices such as laptops and cell phones into lectures. While the policy includes provisions supporting students with disabilities, critics purport that such provisions actually violate the privacy of such students who must use special devices as learning aides.

York rejects $30 million donation from RIM founder

Last week, York University chose to reject a $30 million donation from RIM founder Jim Balsille. The donation was set to create a “Centre for Institutional Governance” and had support from the Ontario government, but was rejected when professors believed that the donation came with too many rules over the centre’s administration.

UBC to create new arts centre

The University of British Columbia recently received a $5-million donation from local philanthropist Michael Audain to establish a new arts centre. The centre will house the departments of art history and visual art and theory. The donation increases his total contributions to the university to $10 million.

— Ariane Madden