Creative Corner: Five economic ways to spice up your home this fall

Turn your Pinterest boards into a reality

An illustration of a person in oversized pyjamas hanging a string of leaves on a wall in their bedroom.They have turkey and pumpkin plushies on display on a mantle, and other plushies sprawled across their room, including a candy corn plushy.
ILLUSTRATION: Alyssa Umbal / The Peak

By: Saije Rusimovici, Staff Writer

I’ve spent the last few weeks upping my home decorating game. There’s something about cute and colourful organizers in my workspace and a string of fairy lights over my bed that makes a home feel more homely. As a student, my budget is limited, but I’ve garnered tips from my mother, who’s always had a knack for finding the best deals and making our home look festive when fall rolls around. Here are some crafty ideas from mine to yours!

Autumn decorations 
Seasonal decorations can be expensive. Dollarama is the perfect place to find cheap alternatives, like leafy foliage you can reuse every year or whimsical Halloween mugs — there’s so much to choose from. Try stringing decorative leaves around your TV or wrap them around a thrifted vase. You can even find tiny assortments of pumpkins perfect for perching on shelves or a dinner party table. The thrift store is also a great resource, as it tends to bring in unusual and vintage Halloween goodies for the fall season to get in the spooky mood.

Plant goodies
Look no further for the perfect pots and plant friends than your local dollar store. My mom has the biggest green thumb and we both appreciate a unique piece of pottery. We’ve seen so many pretty indoor pots at Dollarama, from large pastel pots to simple terra cotta pots, in all different sizes. Ornamental plants that bloom great colours in this season include perennial poinsettias and the amaryllis. Missed out on planting an herb garden this summer? It’s not too late! There are many edible plants you can grow indoors this fall including leafy greens, peas, or even tomatoes! If you’re feeling creative, you can make an activity out of it and paint your own terra cotta pots with whatever designs you like. You can get paints at the dollar store too!

Upcycled vintage perfume bottles
My favourite Youtuber, Fernanda Ramirez, recently shared one of her favourite hacks to upcycle pretty vintage perfume bottles for display. You can find bottles at antique or thrift stores stores, and after giving each bottle a thorough wash, fill them with water and add a few drops of food colouring. This gives each vintage bottle the look of being brand new. Other fun ways to upcycle empty perfume bottles include creating miniature terrariums, using them as flower vases, or even filling them with strands of battery operated lights! 

DIY pressed-leaf picture frames
For my mom and I, there’s nothing like flipping through printed photos we’ve taken over the years. There’s something so special about putting your favourite memories on display.  Embrace the coquette aesthetic and visit the thrift store to find antique frames that look expensive. Frames are a great way to add a pop of colour to your space. Create simple yet beautiful pressed-leaf prints to put on display in your home by taking foliage clippings and pressing them between heavy objects like books. Frame your creations and prepare to be complimented on your space!

DIY cork boards 
A perfect way to personalize your bedroom, home office, or dorm room is by building your own cork board! All you need are cork tiles, which can be found at Dollar Tree or most hardware stores, a sharp cutting tool, and some thumb tacks or push pins. These squares can be pinned directly to the wall, or cut into shapes of your choice. Or, pin faux autumn leaves or a string of spooky cobwebs to get your board dressed up for fall! You can use these boards to display photos, reminders, and mementos. A cork board is also a great way to begin creating a personal vision board!

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