Top Ten Vancouver indie bands

The best bands you’ve probably never heard of

A hand flicks through a collection of vinyl records
Local resident’s collection of Apricot Pit Vinyls.

By: Sara Brinkac, Humour Editor

  1. The Tiny Hat Trio

Hailing from Commercial Drive, this 2010–14 indie folk cover band is a staple of the Vancouver indie scene. While some critique the band for having no original songs, we believe their ability to add a unique Vancouver flavour (primarily through multi-coloured tiny hats) makes this band an easy Top Ten pick. Their cover of Mumford and Sons “Little Lion Man” reworked as “Little Mountain Man” will bring tears to your eyes.


  1. Colton and the Granola Boys

A new band to Vancouver, this ukulele foursome has taken the city’s vibes by storm. Colton and the Granola Boys can always be spotted playing in their trademark performance attire — Patagonia sweaters, rolled up pants, and bare feet. On behalf of The Peak and indie kids everywhere — keep living your truth boys.


  1. Disgruntled and attending a post-secondary institution (DAPI)

With a list of accolades as long as their name, this band’s timeless music speaks to the souls of twentysomethings across Vancouver. Classics of DAPI include “The administration at my school sucks,” “Fuck UBC,” and “Asking for my 19th extension.” For three years in a row, they have been voted Vancouver’s “best music to procrastinate to” and boy could I tell you more about that.


  1. The Knit Sweater Cruisers

Rolling up to (and then playing) every gig on their cruiser boards, this band will have you going with the flow all night long. Their knit sweater coziness and laid-back attitude combine for a great fall beach sound. As an added bonus, the band has recently released a line of matching knit sweaters and snapbacks that have quickly become a Vancouver fashion trend.


  1. Housing Crisis

Members of this indie punk band are paying $1,100 a month to live with five other people and they are not happy about it. Their melodic lead guitar paired with monotone vocals make songs like “Pet fees should be illegal” a favourite of angsty listeners everywhere.


  1. Apricot Pit

Much to the band’s chagrin, most people assume this is a Peach Pit cover band. But what makes this band such an indie icon is that only true underground fans will know that Peach Pit actually began as an Apricot Pit cover band. What unfortunately has stood in their way of public fame — but once again has strengthened their credibility on the indie scene — is the band’s insistence that their music only be released on vinyl.  Apricot Pit contracts also stipulate their music may only be sold in record stores with a minimum of two judgmental clerks working at a time.  


  1. The Kits Cats

When they’re not at Kits beach playing volleyball, these cats can be found skating down Granville Street or at their famous home dance parties. A truly unique beach, skateboard, party sound, this band’s vision is most potent on their 2019 album Ollie and Molly.


  1. Locally Sourced

Energized by only the most ethical and fresh food, wearing the most original and friend-made clothing, Locally Sourced is the epitome of Vancouver indie bands. Unlike most bands each member has their own unique style and vibe, making for an extremely disjointed band visually. But two things unite them as a powerhouse musically: veganism and astrology.  


  1. Home Brew

The most stylish band in Vancouver, Home Brew makes it a policy to only be seen with ethically sourced cotton clothing, long coats, Doc Martens and, of course, holding a mason jar of home brewed coffee. Personal favourites of the band are “Sipping on that Grouse Grind” and “Bean talking with my neighbour.”


  1. Kasey and the Thrifters

With thrifted outfits and instruments alike this experimental folk funk band is a leading voice in the Value Village scene. Their newest single “I lost my baby driving downtown” has topped vegan café charts for three weeks and is a leading song recommendation amongst people who want to show off their music taste.