The Bright-er Side: I would have never become a plant dad if it weren’t for quarantine

I am so happy with my newfound hobby

ILLUSTRATION: Siloam Yeung / The Peak

by Marco Ovies, Editor-in-Chief

When we shut everything down my work at The Peak quickly moved online. In addition, my part-time barista job at Starbucks had shut down as well. All of a sudden I was going from interacting with hundreds of people a day to just my mom, dad, and cat (who just so happened to be the most talkative of the bunch). 

That was when I discovered the joy of plants. With all of this free time on my hands I felt like it was the perfect opportunity to buy one and live out my cottagecore dreams. One plant quickly became five, and now I am the happy owner of 30 different plants that occupy nearly any open surface in my room. 

If it hadn’t been for quarantine, I don’t think I would have ever started taking care of plants. So while this pandemic has many downsides, this is one of the few things that have come of it. Now the next battle is just to make sure my cat stops eating them.