Monday Music: Chill-hop that won’t put you to sleep

Uplift your morning coffee routine or evening skincare routine with these jazzy beats

“Monday Music” in orange block text on a yellow rectangular background with rounded corners and an orange border.
Monday Music: your weekly themed playlist. Image courtesy of The Peak.

By: Gem Yelin Lee, Copy Editor

This playlist is for those mornings you wake up extra groggy and the evenings after a treacherous work day. You still have to get some things done so you can’t nod off to Lo-fi music that could put you to sleep, but your senses won’t appreciate music that is too upbeat. For those moments, these songs will be there for you to cheer you on. 

Let’s Go (feat. DA:ON, Gunjae & H!)” by KozyPop

KozyPop is one of my go to Korean chill-hop artists to play on shuffle when I need a comforting mood lift. The producer collaborates with various R&B and pop artists to create tracks reminiscent of city life in Seoul, Korea. As a result, their sound is unique per album and per song, so you’ll never feel bored listening to their music. This catchy song is about spontaneous city adventures that spawn from saying, “Let’s go anywhere,” to a friend who might need some cheering up. It’s about escapism and matching your friend’s energy — the cheery beats of this song will make you want to get up and go start your day.

It’s Raining” by Vincent Blue

Vincent Blue was an acoustic singer-songwriter who sang in K-drama soundtracks before he came out with this debut single in 2019. The Korean artist appears to be inspired by Vincent Van Gogh, as evident by his stage name, this song, and its accompanying music video. This song explores themes of “youth, loneliness, and dreams.” I absolutely adore Blue’s jazzy vocalizing techniques and feel comforted by the production of his pieces. Although the lyrics are very melancholic, the song itself is not dreary at all! I love winding down from the day with this song, and always find myself crooning along to the lyrics. My favourite line is in the bridge and translates to, “Even in colourless moments, there must be something.” 

Heartbreaker Club” by City Girl, tiffi, Highvyn

City Girl is my absolute favourite chill-hop artist and the production artist behind the stage name remains quite a mystery. Her music is distinct from your average lo-fi YouTube playlist where everything sounds the same. Her beats have a life of their own, accompanied by jazzy piano or clear guitar accompaniment. Each of her albums have their own vibe and are beautiful in their own way. It was hard to pick one song, but I picked this one because it’s her newest release. “Heartbreaker Club” is only two minutes long and indefinitely loopable, especially with tiffi’s unique voice which reminds me of the ocean with its simultaneous clearness and depth. Other recent favourites by City Girl have been “WISHING ON YOU” and “RESTART.”

Can I Love ?” (feat. youra, Meego) by Cosmic Boy

This song is unbelievably catchy right from the get go with the chirpy unconventional instrumental beats that almost sound like a xylophone. The vocals are syrupy in the ears and unlike any voice I’ve heard before! I love starting or ending the day with this song, in the quiet chill moments that sandwich my days. This song is about a person who is questioning whether they will find love because people misunderstand them and don’t think they are conventionally personable. I especially love the lines that translate to, “I’m telling you in case you misunderstand, you don’t have to ask me if I’m okay. I wish I could smile like other people but it doesn’t work out very well.”