Five video games for a cute and cozy date night at home

Give these a try, whether you’re playing with a partner or by yourself

A PlayStation controller lying angled against a purple and turquoise background
Make your next gaming session last all night long. PHOTO: Taylor R / Unsplash

By: Kelly Chia, Staff Writer

My partner and I really enjoy playing games together — solving a puzzle feels much sweeter when you have someone cheering you on, even if they’re chuckling at you a little. Below, I’ve listed games by price, platform, and length. Whether you’re in a relationship or want some wholesome challenges and raucous laughter with your friends, here are some of my favourites to play on date night!  


It Takes Two

$54.99 | Playable on Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S | 2 players | ~6–8 hours

Your protagonists, Cody and May, are a married couple on the brink of divorce. Then, they’re tossed into a fantastical world made by their daughter and are forced to work together. You work with a partner and face funny obstacles like furry gangster squirrel tails. The game is often light-hearted, and the story is well-written. It’s stunningly animated, making every moment a joyful one. 

You can choose to play this game from two separate devices, or play together on one screen with split-screen play. It’s wholesome, sweet, and wonderful to look at! The price is pretty steep, but it’s on sale on Steam often. At the time of writing, it’s $27.49. 


We Were Here
Free | Playable on PC, Xbox, and PlayStation | 2 players | ~2 hours

Where It Takes Two is a whimsical look into repairing a fractured relationship, We Were Here takes a decided swing into an atmospheric thriller. You and your partner are tasked with overcoming puzzles together to escape an abandoned castle. It Takes Two has visuals to guide you, but We Were Here relies heavily on using your voice to help each other through each puzzle. This means you have to work closely in what feels like a two-player escape room! 

We Were Here is the first installment of a series with three sequels: We Were Here Too, We Were Here Together, and We Were Here Forever. If you like this, check those games out too!


Stardew Valley

$16.99 | Playable on Android, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Mac, Linux, Windows | 1–4 players

I couldn’t not list this game here. Stardew Valley is a classic choice. The two recommendations above are puzzle games, but this is a long-form game you can enjoy with your partner. Basically, your protagonist is despondent with their corporate position and has inherited their grandfather’s old farm. While you can play this as a single-player game, playing it with a friend (or three!) lets you share more resources. Getting to work together to turn your farm from a middling plot to rich fields with all the farm animals is really rewarding.


Heave Ho

$11.49 | Windows, Mac, Nintendo Switch | 1–4 players | ~3 hours

This game is a surprising amount of fun. You have to grip onto each player’s hands to get across the level. You’re basically swinging across all sorts of limbs and platforms trying not to fall. My friends spend a lot of time hollering at each other as we swing! This is the game you want to play when you just want something short and amusing.


Monster Prom 2: Monster Camp

$15.99 | Windows, Linux, Mac | 1–4 players | 1–3 hours

I chose Monster Camp over Monster Prom here because you can interact more with your fellow players. This is a hilarious dating sim where your goal is to ask out a variety of monsters, from the head witch of a coven to a computer. I was drawn to this series for its customization. At the beginning of the game, you choose between four playable characters, and pick pronouns regardless of how the characters present. Your character can then date anyone in the game. There is a broad range of queer representation in these characters. Many storylines explore the characters’ identities and their feelings of romance — and often, world domination! 

It does feel like a long game to play in one sitting because there’s a lot of dialogue, but the narrator’s lines and thirst always make my friends and I laugh.

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