10 ways to spend $10 at Mini Mart

By: Talha Butt, Nicole Magas, Gabrielle McLaren, Marissa Ouyang, Marco Ovies, Brianna Quan, Andrea Renney, Paige Riding, Zach Siddiqui, Dylan Webb, Siloam Yeung

Photos by Chris Ho 

Dear Minimart, 

It’s us: The Peak. Maybe you don’t know us, but we know you. See, your fine establishment is only a brisk walk away from our home-away-from-home office. Back in summer 2018, when we thought you’d get evicted, a part of us nearly died. You have provided Peak staff over the years with emergency tampons, pads, Amazon green tea, party mix, cough drops, Pringles, copious amounts of ice cream, pens, and any other number of sweet and salty snacks to help us power through our production days. 

As a thank you, we figured we’d see just how much our staff can get out of Minimart for $10. Some of us will stay loyal to our values and use this $10 to acquire our most favourite snacks. Others will strategically cash this in to get as much food as possible and save Dining Dollars. Regardless: please find attached 10 pictures showing you 10 ways we spent $10 in your shop.


The Peak’s staff 


Andrea: $9.84 

Brianna: $9.90 

Dylan: $9.61 

Marco: $9.77

Marissa: $9:10 

Nicole: $8.29

Paige: $9.99 

Siloam: $9.86 

Talha: $9.36 

Zach: $8.16