Mr. Iglesias tackles high school tropes with a comedic twist

The Netflix original stars comedian Gabriel Iglesias as a high school history teacher trying to make a difference in his students’ lives

Gabriel Iglesias stars in Mr. Iglesias, which premiered on Netflix in June. Image courtesy of Lara Solanki / Netflix.

By: Tiffany Chang, Peak Associate

You might know Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias from his comedy specials I’m Not Fat . . .  I’m Fluffy (2009) or Gabriel Iglesias: One Show Fits All (2019). Now, the renowned comedian stars in the comedy series Mr. Iglesias, which premiered on Netflix on June 21. He stars as Gabriel “Gabe” Iglesias, an inspirational history teacher to an eclectic group of secondary school students, who is also a fictitious adaptation of himself. After watching stellar stand-up performances from Iglesias, I was really excited when he announced this new project. Needless to say, I knew it would be a huge hit. 

The premise of the show is how Iglesias, his fellow teachers, the principal, the assistant principal, and the students navigate the public education system at Woodrow Wilson High, encountering hilarious (and all too familiar) mishaps along the way. However, similar to the themes of many Disney Channel programs, there are valuable lessons learned in each episode that I consider icing on the cake.  The episodes also incorporate several elements about the characters’ personal lives outside of the classroom — such as doomed crushes, complicated romantic relationships, and sobriety, to name a few.

The charming and talented cast from all different ethnic backgrounds expertly brings these purposely overexaggerated, stereotypical characters to life. We see some familiar faces too, including Sherri Shepherd (The View), Joel McHale (Blended), Christopher McDonald (Lemonade Mouth), and Coy Stewart (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D). This is the first time I’ve seen Stewart take on a comedic role, so getting to witness a different dimension to his acting prowess was a lovely surprise. The chemistry flowing among the actors is evident and it’s refreshing to see diversity celebrated in such a humorous, but also good-natured, way.  

Mr. Iglesias is definitely a feel-good show. There’s no doubt that every cast member contributes significantly to the show’s success, but Iglesias steals the spotlight time and time again with his natural charisma. His pleasantness and the captivating qualities that are so often associated with his comedy are what he effortlessly emanates on the show — his innate ability to make the people around him burst out laughing is always a treat.

This show is a valuable addition to Netflix’s catalogue of original programming, and if you’re looking for some uplifting content, I highly recommend you give this series a shot. It was no surprise to me that Mr. Iglesias was renewed for a second season, and I look forward to what next season has in store.