Clubs Day, but shorter: a semi-comprehensive guide on SFU’s student clubs

Didn’t have time to check out clubs day at Burnaby? We’ve got you covered


Compiled by Winona Young, Features Editor

If you didn’t have time to drop by Burnaby campus’ clubs days last week, don’t worry. The Peak has compiled a series of blurbs submitted by various clubs execs (on a first come, first serve basis).  


SFU Anime Club 

“The SFU Anime Club is one of SFU’s largest clubs! Every month we host a major event, and every week we host a screening. In July 2020, we’ll be hosting our 10th annual Summer Festival, which drew nearly 2000 [attendees] last year! We welcome all anime fans, from casual to hardcore.” — Patrick Devota, club president 


The Behavioural Neuroscience Student Society 

“The Behavioural Neuroscience Student Society aspires to integrate BPK, PSYC, and BNEU students into the academic community and student life through engaging networking nights, lecture series, game/movie nights, and outdoor activities. Come to one of our meetings (Thursdays at 12:30p.m. in AQ3127) and get involved!” — Aaron Siebenga, club president 


Better Life

“Better Life provides students with the opportunity to get involved with various community services through our one club. Using the momentum from our summer food drive event, in collaboration with the SFSS and the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, we look forward to tackling different social and environmental issues each semester.” — Nima Tehrani, executive of operations


SFU Burnaby Mountain Toastmasters

“Burnaby Mountain Toastmasters is committed to helping students improve their public speaking and leadership skills. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran speaker, we have something to offer. Join us on September 24 for our icebreaker meeting to enjoy free food, to meet new friends, and to learn more about Toastmasters!” — Richard Wan, vice president membership


Change SFU 

“Change SFU club members have one goal: to change SFU in positive ways. This semester, our focus is on climate change, reducing single-use plastics, AND any other cool initiatives club members are passionate about. If you are an individual who cares about these issues or knows of a way that we can make SFU a better university, we want to hear from you!” — Mariah Mund, club co-president 


SFU Disability and Neurodiversity Alliance

“The SFU Disability and Neurodiversity Alliance is a student-led group open to anyone who identifies as disabled, autistic, neurodivergent, deaf, mad, having a chronic illness, long-term condition [sic], mental illness, and allies. We work together to create campus change, address ableism, and promote disability justice while opposing oppression in all forms.” — Serena Bains, social media executive 


The Engineering Science Student Society

“The Engineering Science Student Society (ESSS) provides academic, social, and networking support for ENSC students. Prove to your friends and family that SFU Engineering is the greatest experience ever by joining ESSS! (I also want more friends.)” — Alvin David, club president 


The Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Student Union 

“The GSWS Student Union plans events to bring the department, its faculty, and students together in order to bring connection, inclusivity, and representation to marginalized groups in a safe space. GSWS students and other students should join to create a difference in the SFU community, make new friends, and have fun!” — Madeleine Chan, social media and communications executive


SFU Grappling Club 

“Learn one of the most effective self-defence martial arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Whether you are a beginner or a veteran BJJ practitioner, the SFU Grappling Club provides students with the opportunity to learn one of the most valued martial arts in hand to hand combat while creating friendships with other students!” — Khaled Bayyari, club vice president


Impact SFU

“Impact SFU focuses on increasing student engagement and personal development within the SFU Surrey community. Our mission is to give back through our fundraisers to Beautiful World Canada Foundation (BWCF) to provide women in sub-Saharan Africa with the opportunity to further their education. Want to get involved? Come check us out, everyone’s welcome!” — Sarah Qiu, vice president of marketing


SFU Optimist Club

“If you have a desire to help and support children in the community through fundraising and event activities, then look no further, the Optimist Club is for you. Get to know more from me, Olivia Tryon, president of the Optimist Club, and our other amazing members!” — Olivia Tyron, club president


SFU Orchestra

“SFU has an orchestra?! The SFU Concert Orchestra is a group of student and community musicians of all skill levels brought together by a passion for music. We play a range of repertoire from refined classics to your favourite movie/musical scores. We hold rehearsals on Sundays at 4:30p.m. – 7:30p.m. in the Forum Chambers to practice for our semester-end concert, so if you love playing music, consider joining!” — Michelle Kurtagich, club co-president


Pakistani Students Association (PSA) 

“The Pakistani Students Association (PSA) is a club that celebrates Pakistani culture. We encourage multicultural engagement by students from different backgrounds and ethnicities to understand and celebrate what Pakistan truly is. All SFU students, no matter where they are from, are encouraged to become a member of PSA!” — Zoha Shoaib, vice president of marketing


The Punjabi Students Association

“The Punjabi Students Association is having an icebreaker on the 22nd of September. Come out to have fun, make friends,  and make a difference in the community all while connecting to Punjabi roots and culture. Follow us on Instagram @sfupsa for more information” — Gurpreet Sandhu, club president 


SFU Rowing Club 

“Friendships that function at 5 a.m. are the best kind. If you’re looking for a group of competitive athletes who do more than the average person does before an 8:30a.m. class, SFU Rowing is the club for you. Be ready to train hard and get some amazing sunrise pictures for Instagram!” — Katinka Neumann, club president



“UNICEF SFU is one of the largest humanitarian student-run campus clubs at SFU. We work with UNICEF Canada by hosting several events each semester to educate students on how they can support children around the world. Come to our icebreaker for information on leadership opportunities!” — Jennifer Yi, club president 



“Love to sing? Come join SFU’s official a cappella club, SFUnison! At SFUnison, we make covers of all your favourite hits. Rehearsals are every Monday from 2:30–5:30 p.m. in Forum Chambers. All levels of experience are welcome.” — Sharlyn Monillas, events coordinator


SFU Surge

“At SFU Surge, our goal is simple: to provide a welcoming space that promotes curiosity and excitement for a future in technology, while empowering students on their paths to career success. Join our upcoming events where you can learn and develop new skills, connect with programmers and designers, or better yet, compete in a large-scale hackathon!” — Kim Regala, social media director