Fashion trends from the 70s that will be sure to come back in style

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Written by: Tiffany Chang

Platform shoes:

The legal equivalent to stilts and one of the most popular trends of the 70s!  These could definitely make a huge comeback. If everyone were to wear platforms again, it’ll be for dual purposes – to appear taller, and to compete over who can walk around without wobbling or making those annoyingly loud “clomping” noises.

The latter will be tricky, especially for us SFU students. We already hold way more than our fair share of noise pollution with all the construction going on at the Burnaby campus. The workers operating jackhammers while building a structure that’s going to cost every student’s tuition money for the next thousand years have already caused partial damage to my ears. But the shoes seem fun. I guess we’ll see.

The-ever-so-colourful wonders of tie-dye:

The pieces of clothing we always need to be extra careful with when throwing into the wash! Though, I must admit, tie-dye can be cool . . . when done properly. But, I must warn you. If you plan on making a DIY tie-dye shirt, make sure to do it properly. “Why are you stating the obvious?” you might ask.

Well, I’ll tell you a story: When I was six years of age, I went to a summer camp, where one of the activities was tie-dying our own shirts. One of the staff members helped me and I thought: “Mine is going to turn out great!”

But lo and behold, it looked like everyone at camp spilled grape juice, lemonade, and limeade in random places all over my shirt. The colours were in small blotches and it looked absolutely horrible. I can’t stress this enough.

Feeling slightly unsure? Please re-watch a YouTube tutorial or ask someone who’s done this before. Or just stick to buying one. Yeah.

Funky bell-bottom pants: Probably the coolest trend. If these aren’t going to be one of the next trends to come back, then there’s a serious issue. Whether they’re a simple denim or shiny polyester, bell-bottoms are, without a doubt, the bomb! Plus, one of the greatest things that could happen, which and might even make up for the fact that the Fall Kick-off was cancelled, is having a school disco!