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Written by: Amneet Mann, News Editor


Board increases budget for website redevelopment

In the latest Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) board of directors meeting, the board passed a motion to increase the Web Site and Tech Support budget by $9,000. The funds for this budget increase were obtained from the unrestricted operating surplus.

The board also approved $7,500 plus tax to appoint Ballistic Arts Media Studio Inc. as the vendor for the website redevelopment.

The motion was carried, with the abstention of applied sciences representative Kia Mirsalehi.


Board recaps meeting with Beech’s office in response to SOCA complaint

Vice-president external relations Jasdeep Gill provided the context of the meeting, which was prompted by an email the board had received from Burnaby North MP Terry Beech’s office. The email was sent in regards to a complaint sent by the SFU Students of Caribbean and African Ancestry (SOCA) to Ahmed Hussen, the Minister of Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship of Canada.

Gill summarized that board representatives had an “informational meeting” with Beech in which the shared-space model being proposed for the Student Union Building (SUB) was discussed.

“The meeting was great, and then they did understand where the SFSS was coming from as the shared space model,” said Gill.

She stated that the board has since received an email from Beech’s office stating that the Department of Immigration had been forwarded the details of the meeting, and that “there’s no further action that they’re taking at this moment.

“As of now, they’re not requesting anything of the society, and the initial correspondence has been sent back,” said Gill.

SOCA president Giovanni Hosang stated that SOCA “also reached out.”

“We will be hearing additional information from the Department of Immigration as well,” he said.


Board holds discussion regarding SUB space with representatives from rotunda groups

Representatives from the organizations currently operating within the rotunda were invited to the board meeting to discuss SUB space. Further details regarding this discussion from The Peak will follow.


Board forms sexual violence and prevention working group

Gill began this discussion by stating that the SFSS is not currently covered under GP 44, SFU’s Sexual Violence and Misconduct Prevention, Education and Support policy.

“The recent events have [ . . . ] made this policy an absolute priority this year,” said Gill. She stated that the SFSS was looking to collaborate with the Women’s Centre, Out on Campus, and SFU’s Sexual Violence and Prevention Office to develop the policy.

“I’d also love the board’s support on this so future incidents of sexual harassment that do take place in the board can be handled at light speed,” she said.


Board approves motion to submit collective letter for AGM report

Gill brought this motion forward. She stated that, as president Jas Randhawa had missed the September 5 deadline to submit a president’s letter for the Annual General Meeting (AGM) package, the board had drafted a collective letter to be added to the report.

“I just assumed that it would be better to have the message come collectively since I wasn’t able to get my agenda items onto the AGM,” commented Randhawa in response.

The motion was carried with the abstention of Randhawa.


Board approves posting of impeachment press release document on official SFSS channels

Rihani commented that the document had already been distributed via the board members’ personal social media channels. He stated that the purpose of posting the impeachment press release on the SFSS’s website was to “show people that this is the general voice of the board that’s been decided on together.”

Randhawa commented that he wanted to motion to add his own document drafted in response to the impeachment press release onto the SFSS website as well to “share my perspective on the channels.”

Rihani responded that the board could not address Randhawa’s motion in the current board meeting as it had not been officially added to the meeting’s agenda.

The motion was carried with the absention of Randhawa.


Board decreases budget for SCC Barbecue Social event

The budget, which was approved to be up to $2,100 in the previous Board of Directors meeting, was decreased to $1,100.

Gill explained that the board had approved the previous amount in the case that the Mechatronics Systems Engineering Student Society (MSESS) was unable to get a grant approved for the event. As the MSESS was successful in obtaining the grant, the SFSS could reduce their investment in the event.

The motion was carried.