Irene Lo / The Peak

Written by: Zach Siddiqui, Copy Editor


The board approved a recommendation to impeach president Jas Randhawa to be made at the upcoming annual general meeting, and discussed related matters.


The board approved $1528.07 for an SFSS move-in barbecue at the end of August.

The event is to be held on August 29 at the SFU residence and housing area. Vice-president student life Tawanda Masawi explained that, while the SFSS often “[doesn’t] do much” in residence to welcome the students moving in besides tabling, this year Masawi plans to partner with the SFU Athletic Advisory Committee to put on a barbecue.

The board appeared to support wieners as the food of choice, as they are both less expensive than burgers and safer from a health perspective due to being easier to cook.


The board accepts recommendations made concerning service delivery to FIC students.

In the wake of the SFSS’s recent move to begin supplying services to Fraser International College (FIC) students in addition to SFU students starting in January, SFSS CEO Martin Wyant made multiple recommendations and estimates concerning what the increase in demand for SFSS services is likely to look like as a result, and how the SFSS can prepare for that. In particular, the SFSS will be hiring more staff to account for the higher volume of students which the SFSS will be serving.