The Hastings Warehouse deserves its fame for delicious dive-bar food

From cheap food to non-stop Millennial™ music, there is more than meets the eye(sore) of this restaurant

Photo courtesy of The Warehouse Group

By: Winona Young

Located right beside the 95 B-Line bus stop at 156 West Hastings, the Hastings Warehouse is home to satisfying bar food, booze, and a bumping ambience.

     This place is the definition of student-friendly prices, with all dishes costing $5.95. The drinks, sadly, are not, but they are reasonably priced. Be sure to bring cash or credit (Visa or MasterCard); they don’t accept debit.

     The food more than makes up for the inconvenient payment system. Unlike other dive bars, the food you get here isn’t greasy or over-fried. It’s clear that the Warehouse has mastered the art of making a simple meal well. For instance, the Works Burger is a classic, satisfying dish with a deliciously juicy patty that can fill any hungry student up. While this place isn’t vegan-friendly, many vegetarians would love meals like the balanced, fruity, and crisp Quinoa Salad.

     As for drinks, I recommend the Pink Lemonade, which is a sweet, fizzy drink that’d give anyone a nice buzz. Sadly, the portion sizes for food vary to an inconsistent degree. While some starters, like the Fingers and Fries (highly recommended!), can be big enough for a whole meal, other dishes, like the Soft Tacos, are of a measly size, and a customer would require a second order to satisfy themselves.

     Speaking of customers, the Warehouse is crowded on most nights. While you won’t be waiting too long for a table, it will take you longer to get the attention of your server. Frankly, the Warehouse looks understaffed, so waiting for them can quickly become a frustrating experience. While they do eventually get back to you, seeing them breeze past you to other customers can put a damper on anyone’s night.

     However, the ambience of the Warehouse can help make your night. One word that comes to mind when I think of the Warehouse is loud. As soon as you walk in, music blares through the speakers. The music selection is hip since the playlists include top hip-hop tracks, nostalgic old-school bangers, and bops galore. With its casual vibe, the Warehouse is great for a good hangout or casual date. That, and it’s perfect for any sports fan who wants to catch The Game™ (I wouldn’t be able to tell you which sport — maybe all of them? Is it clear that I don’t know sports well?)

     The Hastings Warehouse is a fun spot for comforting bar food that isn’t too greasy. It makes for a great night with a rowdy crowd or a one-on-one date. While it can be too loud, and the servers definitely take a while to get to you, it is worth it to stop on by and grab a bite.

Pro-tip: Avoid sitting at the bar. While you may think you’re slick by avoiding lines for a booth, you’ll have a higher chance of being ignored by your server, and the music is especially loud. This will make even the rowdiest party animal want to tap out at 9:30 p.m. because of a headache.