New bubble tea and waffle cafe opens in New Westminister

Innovative waffle toppings and bubble tea flavours make this cafe worth a visit.

Bobacabana, located right in the heart of New Westminster Skytrain Station, is your new favourite local bubble tea and waffle cafe. You’re welcome.

This new innovative business boasts a warm and sophisticated interior design with a mixture of white stone and polished wood furnishings, service that is not short on the utmost sincerity, and dedicated owners who are passionate about bringing you authentic, quality products that they are proud to serve.

The quality and creativity of their menu is astonishing and admirable. The owners of Bobacabana, siblings Chaerean and Shinyu Kim, pride themselves on supporting local and naturally sourced ingredients. “There is a misconception that bubble tea always has to be artificial,” the Kims said. “We want to prioritize quality by keeping our products fresh, artificial-free, and local real fruits and veggies, no sugar added, and vegan options available whenever possible.”

They told me that they make their sweetener and syrups in store, along with their red bean and Speculoos cookie butter (vegan! Coconut milk base. . . What? Am I in heaven?). Some of the local businesses they support include Island Farms in Chilliwack (creamer and milk) and Connected Minds Coffee (micro-roasted coffee beans). Additionally, they get their fruit from a local import company from the Philippines, and mochi (Japanese rice cake) from a local Korean supplier that makes it fresh daily.

What caught my attention initially was that this bubble tea cafe offers what most do not — vegan and dairy-free drink options, along with a beautiful selection of unique waffle creations, both sweet and savoury. My favorite products would have to be their fresh taro milk tea, cold brew coffee, or jasmine milk tea with half vegan creamer and half almond milk; sometimes I opt to keep it simple and traditional with a hot cup of half sweet yuzu citrus honey tea. They also offer delicious and healthy smoothies with tons of real fruits and veggies, no sugar added, and vegan options available.

Although their waffles are not vegan, I took a bite for the team and I hereby announce that they are the perfect texture: crispy on the outside, chewy on the inside, and not invasively sweet. The Speculoos cookie butter is something I recommend through and through, whether in your shake or on your waffle — it’s to die for.

“We just saw a business opportunity and took it — it’s great because you get to be your own boss and create your own recipes,” explained the Kims. “It’s easy to stay motivated because we’re passionate about our business, but the difficult part is timing everything and doing everything we’re not so passionate about to get to our dream.”

If you’re looking for a new community-based hub to hang out in (with very decent prices), Bobacabana is this season’s new local foodie favorite.