The Peak’s guide to SFU’s 50th Anniversary Kickoff

Photo courtesy of SFU

The ‘big day’ has arrived at last! After spending half a century resting just on top of one, SFU is finally over the hill.

SFU welcomed its very first students on September 9, 1965. Though it was once coined the “instant university,” looking around today, you see an establishment with history behind it and a future ahead.

The university is more than ready to share its joy with its students, staff, faculty, the greater community, and really just the world at large. This September 9 will be a day of food, music, speeches, and celebration across SFU’s three campuses. The event will be hosted by SFU alumnus and CityTV Breakfast Television host Riaz Meghji.

There will be free welcome back events at SFU Surrey and Vancouver that will be live streamed on Burnaby Campus to include everyone in the excitement.

Here is a handy dandy guide to help you enjoy the Burnaby Kickoff celebrations to the fullest.


The party don’t start ‘til you walk in

The event kicks off at 11:30 a.m. in Freedom Square. You could use this time to settle in, mingle, and find somewhere with a great view for the programmed festivities.


Fusion performance

Scottish highland dancing and bhangra do not seem like two things that go together, but we have been promised by President Andrew Petter that they really do: “You’d be amazed at how well the two fit together!” The SFU Pipe Band will be featured in this multicultural performance, starting around 11:45 a.m..


“Speech, speech, speech, speech!”

Full disclosure, there probably will not be people chanting “speech,” waiting for the first speaker to pick up the mic. Find some sweet standing room and listen to a few speeches, starting at 12:05 p.m..


Legacy song winner performs

After months of anticipation, the winner of the SFU Legacy Song Contest will finally be announced. Will it be “Make a Simon Fraser U,” “WE ARE SFU,” or “Engage the World”? The entire SFU community is on the edge of their proverbial seats! The winner will perform after being announced at approximately 12:30 p.m..

Food carts and full stomachs

Standing around listening to all of those speeches must have made you hungry. By the time they’re over, it will be right around lunchtime. (Though, if you’re a traditionalist who believes lunchtime is at noon sharp, it will definitely be past your lunchtime.) There will be a variety of food vendors on site until 1:30 p.m., when the event wraps up.


Birthday fun

Make your mark! Sign the giant birthday card. Wish SFU the happiest 50th birthday in the world, with a gentle reminder that 50 is the new 40, 60 is when you really get to know yourself, etc. There will also be a giant birthday cake to match. If you like things that are chocolate and fair trade, you are going to love this cake.


Live in the digital age

Follow along with the official hashtag (#SFU50) and your social media posts could be projected for all attendees to see.


Chalk it up to a great time
There will be chalk provided for guests to decorate SFU’s iconic concrete campus with messages and artwork.