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Saturday, January 25, 2020

Campus Update: May 6th

Three-legged pitbull adorably mauls mail carrier Gnarles Bark-ley, a precocious three-legged pit bull, was taken away by the SPCA last Thursday after violently mauling postal...

Listless: SFUvideogames

There’s been a lot of commotion at SFU Burnaby these past few weeks as a film crew works to film something that is definitely...

Word on the Street: Finals!

By Gary Lim

Cheese specialist arrives to judge record-breaking wheel

Cameron Bere, a world-renowned cheese connoisseur hailing from Switzerland arrived at SFU last Friday to huge fanfare and applause. His reason for flying halfway...

theWAREHOUSE: Punny Double Feature

By Carl Huber at theWAREHOUSE

With Texty Results!

A brother and sister spin puns with surprising e-fish-ciency, with texty results!

Listless: Rejected Puns

By Gary Lim Victims of bear attack describe events as “Grizzly”  Vegans killed in chickpea avalanche; foul play suspected, possible hummuside  Drug ring operating out of bee...

Pennies to be used to build new SUB building

By Brad McLeod In light of the recent federal government decision to discontinue Canada’s one cent coin, Build SFU, the SFSS proposal for building a...

Ski Ninjas: Insecure

By Kyle Lees at Ski Ninjas