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Thursday, April 2, 2020

The Daily Snooze: Success

By Jacob Samuel at The Daily Snooze

Where are they now?

Ever wonder what happened to those celebrities who were everywhere back then, but have since fallen off the face of the earth? Well, stop...

Petter Watch: June 25th

Crowds aghast as Petter and UBC president Stephen Toope up to charity gala in same outfit.

SFU Cribs

While most SFU students (or SFU-dents) know of the legendary antics of our president, one Andrew Petter, far fewer knows of his luxurious digs...

Ski Ninjas: Butt Plug

By Kyle Lees at Ski Ninjas

This article is about a man who only read the headlines of articles

By Brad McLeod BURNABY — A local man believes that he is just as well informed and educated as any full newspaper reader by simply...

Petter Watch: June 18th

Six empty bottles of Purell hand sanitizer found in Petter's office following convocation.

Join the Club: The Sarah Whitaker Club

New to SFU? Missed clubs day? Finding it hard to make friends? Running out of pills to combat the crippling loneliness? Well I’ll bet...

Word on the Street: How’s the weather?

“Seriously? That’s the best you can come up with? Next.” Rebecca Winters — Speed Dater   “Wait, is this really — I mean actually? Oh god, *joyful sobbing...

The Daily Snooze: Star Trek

By Jacob Samuel at The Daily Snooze