Senate election concludes, five student senators appointed

Faculty of Science still without a representative

Onosholema Ogoigbe/The Peak

By Ana Staskevich, Staff Writer

SFU has recently wrapped up its Senate election, where five candidates across various faculties were chosen to be governing representatives. Those elected to the Senate make decisions about SFU’s academic governance, which pertains to policy making, education, research, and scholarly priorities.

The Peak reached out to the successful candidates for questions and comments on their newly appointed roles. Here are the Senate candidates, along with the responses that were submitted.


Giovanni HoSang, current president of the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS), ran unopposed and won by acclamation the seat for the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

Prior to the election wrap-up, HoSang vowed to push for “more open academic governance, setting [the university’s] priorities straight, academic hardship [extensions], and a better GPA grading scheme.” An important part of his candidacy will be securing the academic interests of students through a student-centric perspective.

“I am elated to have the opportunity to represent students on the SFU’s Academic governance body to ensure that what takes place happens in a very open and transparent manner,” commented HoSang.


Jennifer Chou will be representing the Arts and Social Sciences faculty.

Chou’s platform promises to tackle accessibility in the university, and creating more available financial support opportunities such as scholarships and bursaries. Additionally, Chou plans to “actively participate in discussing program initiatives and program terminations” to better communication for students.

“I am so honoured and grateful to have been voted in as a 2019-2020 student senator! I’m extremely excited to see what this year’s team can accomplish,” said Chou.


Natasha Kimathi will represent the Faculty of Environment.

Kimathi has expressed her excitement to join the Senate and further help secure the interests of fellow students. As a dedicated member of Bachelor of Environment Student Union (BESU), she strives for environmental justice and a sustainable future.

“I am grateful to each and every student that voted for me this allowing me to partake in the SFU Senate and help bring about change, I look forward to working towards my intended goals.” stated Kimathi.


Shuna Ho, Faculty of Business, won a graduate seat.

Ho is interested in “foster[ing] discussions about multidisciplinary education” and catering to study abroad and international co-op programs, including intercultural engagement activities which will prioritize student interests.


Kau’i Keliipio won a second graduate seat representing the Faculty of Education.

As a prior Senate representative, Keliipio has vowed to continue to use experience to “ensur[e] that Indigenous students can be culturally safe and flourish in their pursuits at Simon Fraser University.”


A sixth mandatory seat will remain vacant until an election is called for an additional candidate for the Faculty of Science.