Rob Ford being in rehab vs. still talking about him



After months, the man is finally where he needs to be. His blatant alcoholism, substance abuse, prejudice, and all out immaturity make it amazing that he was ever even elected mayor of Toronto.

Not only that, he’s caused one of the biggest stirs in our country’s media history, and has likened our political media coverage to the abysmally sad levels of the American celebrity. When a Canadian politician makes SNL’s Weekend Update, described as “when a Canadian stops being polite and starts getting real,” you know this is something we must shake our heads at (although I’ll admit I found the joke funny).

Now, we must celebrate. This adult/troubled teenager has finally accepted his condition and has checked himself into rehab. Now, he will receive the psychiatric help he needs. He and his family will hopefully be more at peace. He won’t receive as much media attention and have his face pointlessly plastered all over the news! But . . .


Earlier in the month, multiple news outlets across the country reported that Rob Ford had been “spotted” in Bracebridge. That’s right, “spotted.” As if rehab has transformed him into some wild, endangered animal that the press is trying to capture.

CBC reported that he was still in rehab, but that being off-property was considered essential to his continuation in the program. A couple cheerful photos of him have surfaced.

While these may or may not be attempts to show the world the supposed progress he’s been making, I’m irritated that the press is seizing every opportunity to headline Ford.

People, give him a break! The guy is in rehab now, so leave him alone. His story has been stretched to the point of exhaustion. Yes, he’s made some bad decisions, but give him the time to peacefully complete his rehabilitation before you, once again, spearhead him with ridicule, and plague readers with so-called “news” they shouldn’t care to read anymore.



  1. Sorry, Adam, but it seems that he’s the one who brings the media attention to himself. The most recent episodes became “news” because he walked around Bracebridge posing for pictures with folks. Someone who is seriously committed to getting better would at least try to keep a low profile. This makes me wonder about his commitment.

    It is also “news” when his car is impounded because someone (apparently with his permission) was driving it impaired. We would all be happy if there were no Rob Ford stories while he is in rehab — hopefully, getting better for his and his family’s sake. But, he’s got to stop putting himself in these situations!

  2. Rob Ford is a lying, violent and lewd bully sober or wasted. This history didn’t just start last year. This is the manipulative and entitled rich heir that barked in 2005 that addicts should dry out in prison. But not him ! This is the smug and cruel individual that when asked to have a public meeting on Toronto’s homeless, many of whom are in the situation because of addiction bellowed he rather have a public lynching. Spare us the Rob Ford deserves this or that nonsense. He has earned no sympathy and every thing he does, every step he takes demands scrutiny – this is the head of the 4th largest city on the continent who has clear links to gangsters, alleged gun runners and serious ex-cons. Mere “Bad decisions?” I must be in the twilight zone ! If this was the average common folk in the private sector or any of his political opponents no such soft language would be used ! especially by Ford himself ! The stench of double standard entitlement is alarming! There should be no explaining why this is no ordinary situation that can be handled with kiddy gloves. Ford is no victim!

  3. First of all I hardly think this rehab stint will give him the psychiatric help he needs, it will take years of intense psychotherapy to do that.
    Secondly it is up to Rob the media w hore himself. If he did the right thing and resigned and stepped out of the election race no one would care about him.