Five movie roles Daniel Radcliffe will take to make you forget he was Harry Potter

Let’s face it: being associated with a single role isn’t easy, especially if you are a young actor in Hollywood. For Daniel Radcliffe, it has been a struggle to divorce himself from the Harry Potter role he is best known for and find a place as a well-respected actor with a versatile range of acting abilities. To paraphrase the great Juicy J, it’s hard out here for a boy wizard!

Radcliffe has tried plenty of roles, from a white supremacist to a guy with horns, to escape the shadow of Potter. We here at The Peak speculated about some roles that Radcliffe might take on next to reinvent himself.


Say what you will, but a brutal and badass mutant with claws is way cooler than some dorky kid with a wand and glasses. Radcliffe could find himself seen in a different light and associated with a whole new character that could earn him the respect of a dedicated audience. On the other hand, with Wolverine’s fan base of geeky readers, this might not be the 180-degree turn he’s looking for.

Vanilla Ice

Everyone loves a musical biopic, especially the Academy, come award season. So what better way to get some attention than with a role as a troubled white rapper struggling to succeed in a black genre? Unfortunately, seeing as Eminem already killed it in 8 Mile, Radcliffe’s stuck with the next, erm, best thing. That’s right, I’m talking about the story of Robert Van Winkle, a.k.a. Vanilla Ice. Just imagine Radcliffe bringing to life the creation of musical hits “Ice Ice Baby” and — well, I guess that’s kinda it.

An animated, talking penis

Radcliffe’s already taken on a role as a dead body with a hard-on, so an animated, talking penis can’t be that much of a stretch. Before you say no, this could make for a great animated adult comedy film. With movies like Sausage Party on the horizon, this could be a great opportunity to cash in on an awakening market. It would be absolutely ri-dick-ulous. (OK, OK, I’ll show myself out.)


This one is a sure-fire good idea. Think about the art-house appeal: he knows the character inside-out, and it’s self-referential. If Neil Patrick Harris can revitalize his career by appearing in Harold and Kumar, then Daniel Radcliffe can also exaggerate his personality for a cult-hit stoner comedy. Charlie Sheen’s made a living playing himself, and look how that’s turned out: he’s washed up and infected with HIV! On second thought, maybe playing himself isn’t such a good idea.