Finals season: a warning

A poem heeding the tales, and tragic fails, finals season entails

A person with long black hair asleep in a pile of books with one open across her chest
PHOTO: Sumeet B / Unsplash

By: Maya Beninteso, SFU Student


The cold, like hornets, 

incessantly stinging at the back of your throat,

nibbling at, not only your toes, 

but your will to live, almost as if it knows,

finals season’s prepared to attack

stealthily on its tiptoes.


It hopes its prey is weakened by 

seasonal flus,

the winter blues,

and our collective blown fuse

just enough to erode 

the sleepless nights

in your IKEA lamp’s lonely light —

the light that is much brighter than you;

it, I am certain, must not reread a single page

a hundred times through.


Your bed attempts to seduce you,

a successful pass, indeed — 

this, the only attention 

you have recently received.


Take heed, do not fall into this trap,

for your “nap” will blissfully fade

into a deep slumber in a snap,

only for you to wake with the moon.

Your final already passed —  

it was at noon.

Is this the sign you have been waiting for?

Should you drop out sometime soon?


Now, my dear readers,

make not these tragic mistakes,

for it is not only your ailing mental health,

but your academic career at stake.