Staying In: Final Space

Final Space is a show that helps prove animation is not just for kids

Image courtesy of Netflix

By: Marco Ovies


Best for: Rick and Morty fans, sci-fi fanatics, heartfelt comedy lovers


If you’re looking for your next animated comedy, look no further than Final Space. The cartoon follows Gary, an astronaut who is a prisoner aboard the Galaxy One. He comes across Mooncake, a cute green alien, who he promises to keep safe . . . but unbeknownst to Gary, Mooncake is actually a planet destroyer. Together, they go on numerous adventures to figure out the mystery that is “Final Space.”

The show starts as a goofy nonsensical space adventure that is funnier than anything else. But give it a few episodes, and what audiences will find so great about the show is that it constantly plays with comedic moments that are followed by tear-jerking scenes. This makes Final Space surprisingly heartfelt, and has viewers care deeply for the characters. But the animation style by itself looks gorgeous, too: the planet and stars in black-light colors really make the cartoon visually stunning.

At face value, Final Space appears to be a goofy comedy, but behind that mask is a remarkably deep and challenging series. This cartoon goes much further than most animated shows, having Final Space be a great example that animation can be more than just a platform for children’s television.