Woohoo, Boohoo:

Image Credit: Flickr
Image Credit: Flickr
Image Credit: Flickr

Woohoo: Wisdom

Where would our lives be without wisdom? Our society thrives — and is dependent — on wisdom to succeed. Generational knowledge and experience is passed down among family, at work, and at school; sometimes this knowledge is amended due to societal or ideological change before it is passed down further. Regardless, the experiences that past positions have had remain embedded in history, forever to be referenced and applied.

Wisdom is everywhere. I’m offered wisdom every time I flip on the TV or browse the Internet; this university is essentially wisdom in a concrete enclosure; my grandmother splurges neverending wisdom as she pounds back the whiskey. I don’t know what I would do without the knowledge that has been passed down to me. Three cheers for wisdom!

Boohoo: Wisdom Teeth

Who the fuck named those terrible, crooked teeth at the backs of our evolutionarily shrinking jaws? I associate wisdom with good judgement, peace and prosperity. When I had my wisdom teeth removed, I felt none of those things.

In fact, all I felt were the effects of the copious T3s, stool softeners, and ice packets I had to use during the week that my face resembled a grapefruit. The pain was astounding. I didn’t gain any knowledge or self-fulfillment as I drooled all over my pillow, practically suffocating on gauze. The only wisdom I took from the experience was that I never wanted to go through that hell again!