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SFSS board appoints new CEO

By recommendation of council, the SFSS board of directors has appointed a new chief electoral officer (CEO) to head up their independent electoral commission (IEC).

Oscar Sanchez was favoured by the council over opposing candidate Lindsay Shepherd in a vote of 23–4. He will serve in his position until November 30, 2015.

As the only candidate present, Sanchez fielded questions from council and board members for over 40 minutes.

During the question period, Sanchez shared his goals to double voter turnout from the previous election and to increase transparency in the electoral process.

“I’ve seen a lot of processes both in elections and in workplace environments that have been hampered by miscommunication and by misunderstood intentions,” said Sanchez.

President Chardaye Bueckert commended him for his performance in what she called “the most intimidating job interview ever.”


No to Build SFU presents to Council

Students from the group, No to Build SFU, made a brief presentation to council on Wednesday night regarding the upcoming SGM and issues related to the Build SFU Student Union Building (SUB) and Stadium projects.

The group asked council members if they would disseminate the information on the site, NotoBuildSFU, to the student body. The site contains information related to the projects, and asks students to sign a petition contending that the SFSS Annual General Meeting held on October 22, 2014, “was not a democratic representation of student confidence in Build SFU.”

“Our concern is that, so far, as Build SFU has proceeded, there has not been a counterpoint offered that has official support or funding,” said Kaitlyn MacInnes, one of the group’s organisers and a fourth year history student. “We’re just trying to provide a balance so that students can see both sides of the argument and vote as they see fit.”