What bug are you?

We hope this quiz doesn’t bug you

Assorted illustrations of bugs: ants, bees, cockroaches, beatles, and ladybugs in little outfits.
ILLUSTRATION: Hailey Gil / The Peak

By: Hana Hoffman, Peak Associate and Bug Expert

Hello, fellow creatures! My name is Carlos Buzz, and I’m a graduate of entomology. I study similarities between human and insect personalities. A lot of habits and moods are surprisingly similar, and I thought it would be interesting for y’all to find your bug twin. Answer the questions, and find your match below the quiz. Enjoy! 

Do you eat well? 

  1. I just eat whatever I have. No preference really.
  2. I’m always snacking on something, show me the grub!
  3. I like eating out sometimes, as I am a distinguished noble.
  4. Yes, and I prefer to eat in peace. No noisy guests please.
  5. I feed on homework. Yours, if you’re not careful!

If a bug from the same species as you decides to poke you annoyingly, what would you do? 

  1. Laugh it off and start a normal conversation. 
  2. Poke them back?
  3. Give them a death stare and walk away.
  4. Decide to teach them the history of poking. You’ve no time for them! 
  5. Fight them with your bare antennas! 

Are you a chill person?

  1. The chillest and coolest person you’ll ever meet!
  2. For the most part. If I seem rude, it’s not intentional.
  3. I’m a little judgemental, but I keep comments to myself.
  4. If I’m frustrated with someone, I won’t hesitate to speak about it. Buzz, buzz, Becky!
  5. No . . . I’m competitive, hehe.

From the following, which hobby interests you the most?

  1. Drinking and snacking with friends while watching YouTube.
  2. Doing anything that’s easy and effortless.
  3. Finding activities to do in the city — I like exploring.
  4. Playing a jazz instrument. You could never!
  5. Coding and hacking top-of-the-line stuff, I can’t tell you about it!

Which of the following words best describes you?

  1. Ayeee~
  2. Rawr!
  3. Adventures!!
  4. Ugh.
  5. Unbeatable, the best there ever was.


Mostly 1’s. Butter-fly 
“I know I’m super fly~” 

You’re the cool bean of the insect kingdom. A day in the chill life of butterflies: living right behind the trash cans in the food court and hanging out with your dawgs while eating dropped food from clumsy humans. Plus, you’ve got the trendiest wing patterns to flex and it all came naturally from your genetics. Who says you need to physically fly to look fly? 

Mostly 2’s. Dragon-sigh 
“More lit than a firefly!”

You’re a laid-back manager of the local Dragonfly Flying School and don’t like to waste too much energy talking. Like cruising in the air, you just go with the flow! The most useful feature about your dragon-sighs is that you sigh with fire! Whenever one of your employees tells you something you don’t want to hear, they get fired accidentally before you have a chance to think. This is great because it prevents you from overthinking.

Mostly 3’s. Phas-Mid 
“Make use of your legs while you still have some left.”

You’re an average joe and you kinda fall in the middle of all bug personalities. Although you don’t like to jazz up your day too much, you’d much rather do some backpacking than stay in one place or else life gets boring. Observing different scenes is the best entertainment, unlike spending too much time on the web like spiders do. I don’t understand why some bugs would rather sit around all day sluggishly than go out and have an ant-tastic time at the flea market. 

Mostly 4’s. Rantin’ Mantis 
“Quit buzzing around and bugging me.” 

You’re tired of society and just want some peace and quiet, because when another insect pisses you off, you can’t help but let out your frustration by ranting about them to your nearest neighbours. You live on a private property on Burnaby Mountain that’s off limits to humans. As long as nobody’s bothering you, you’re just living your best mantis life. 

Mostly 5’s. Assassin Bug
“You can’t bee the best if you’re just like the rest.”

You are a deadly insect and a threat to everyone else in the class as you raise the expectations a thousand times higher. The type of bug that enters every exam and kills it. No, like I don’t mean killing it as in achieving the highest marks. I mean hacking the system living as a bug in the school computers to change the grades of the human version of you to A pluses. Assassin bugs feed on other people’s percentages and gnaw down their delicious GPA’s.