A solitary bird is walking, while a crowd of other birds surrounding it are taking off. The birds are white-ish, and have gray and black markings. Most of the frame is taken up by birds in flight.
Let people act however they want. Photo: Elias Hampp / Unsplash

By: Carter Hemion, Humour Editor

Every day, I hear people judge strangers for things that don’t matter or affect them — like talking to themselves — but people acting differently from you isn’t the problem you’ve been taught it is.

Sometimes people act “strange” because of neurodivergence, substance use, psychosis, or (shocker!) they might just feel like acting that way. Regardless, it’s nobody else’s business and generally harmless. In fact, acting unusual can make life more fun — you should try it sometime!

Sometimes I forget what I’m about to do if I don’t verbally remind myself. Maybe I’m practicing a presentation on the way to a class? And, sure, I do sometimes hear voices and see people who don’t exist, who I’ve definitely tried to hold doors for and say hello to. What about it?

Mind your own damn business and I’ll mind mine. What does it matter if someone talks to themselves, especially when they’re no inherent danger to themselves or anyone else?

Next time you think to avoid a stranger because of their behaviour, point someone out to a friend, or snap a quick photo to share, reconsider why that person attracted your attention and whether it’s your place to make such quick judgments of them. Spoiler: it rarely is!

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