A black and white photo of many people walking up and down stairs. The photo is blurred lightly, giving the impression of movement.
There are times to meander, but the middle of a crowded hallway is not one of them. Photo: José Martín Ramírez Carrasco / Unsplash

By: Nancy La, News Editor

As I speed walk from Blusson Hall to the bottom floor of West Mall to get to my next class, I spot my mortal enemies. They amble around in already crowded hallways and take their sweet time talking to friends, aware yet entirely ignorant of all the hustle and bustle around them. No, I’m not talking about raccoons or bears or any of the other respectable animals on campus. I’m talking about the real animals — the people who choose the busiest campus hallways in which to stroll around and hang out, turning the already crowded hallways into an obstacle course I did not sign up for.

While socializing with friends is an enjoyable part of the return to in-person schooling, please don’t do it while you’re walking in the busy hallways on campus. There are people who have to run from one end of the school to the other in the 10 minutes between the end of one class and the start of the next. We all have places to be and people to meet, so let’s be efficient and keep the hallways for transportation purposes only. We didn’t spend $55 million dollars for a SUB — specifically designed to be a hangout spot — only for people to crowd out hallways while sipping coffee.

I’m tired of having to channel my inner wrecking ball and smash through clumps of people on campus every day. For the love of all things good, please stop hanging out with your homies in the hallways.

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