Perfect Fit: midterm study essentials for university students

These four finds will make pre-exam all-nighters a little less painful

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By: Victoria Lopatka, Staff Writer

1. ProSimpli reusable index cards — $8.99

Index cards can be a great tool for memorizing information and quizzing yourself to see what you’ve retained, but using them once and recycling them can feel a bit wasteful. The ProSimpli cue cards are made of vinyl, so they can be written on with a wet erase or chalk marker, erased, and re-used every exam season. Benefits of reusable index cards? It’s better for the environment, and cheaper than paper ones in the long run!

2. Forest app — $1.99 in the App Store, Free on Google Play

This app incentivizes you to stay off your phone when studying or in class with little digital trees. When you begin studying, open the app, and your tree will begin to grow. If you switch to another app, like a social media or texting app, your tree dies. If you stay off your phone, you grow a forest. The best part is Forest “partners with a real-tree-planting organization, Trees for the Future, to plant real trees on Earth.” Growing trees in-app earns users virtual coins, which can then be donated via the Forest team to create planting orders with Trees for the Future.

3. Anker powerport strip 3 — $16.99

This power port includes three sockets and three USB plug-ins for all your charging and powering needs — one for your phone charger, laptop charger, lamp, tablet, or whatever else you may need. This is especially useful for those living in dorms, where wall sockets may be scarce or inaccessible.

4. Takeya 32 oz. cold brew coffee maker — $34.99

What does your ideal study set-up look like? Laptop, phone, textbooks . . . oh, and coffee. This cold brew coffee maker ensures you never run out of your liquid energy, as you can brew a big container of it overnight or while you study. Just add 1416 tablespoons (seriously, you’re not running out anytime soon) of coffee grounds and 32 ounces of water, then set aside to brew. If you’re used to daily or weekly coffee shop visits, having your own low-cost and small-space-friendly coffee maker could help stretch your budget.