MISSING DOG: Last seen in the labyrinth of SFU’s website

Please help us find him

PHOTO: Michelle Young / The Peak

Written by Michelle Young, Staff Writer

VANCOUVER, BC — A dog has been reported missing as of July 12. Spot, age two, was last seen July 11 around 5:45 p.m., exploring the SFU website, but has yet to return home. Spot is described as having bulging eyes and a spotted brown and white coat. 

“He is a natural and curious explorer,” said Annabeth Lingonberry, a second year psychology student and Spot’s owner. “He loves to explore the SFU website because there are so many hidden pages there! The navigation is also difficult to follow, so Spot enjoys the challenge. But I fear that Spot may have been redirected to one of the department websites, unknowingly,” Lingonberry added. 

The Peak reached out to students who also had trouble with the SFU website to find possible witnesses. 

“I was using Incognito mode to sign into goSFU when I thought I saw a small dog cross the screen,” stated an anonymous source, adding that it was at 1:30 p.m. the previous day. “But I got distracted by the 2020/2021 SFU Athletics & Recreation Liability Waiver notification. I stare at it uselessly every time I log in.”

Experts say that because users have to clear their cache and cookies to login to MySchedule it will be difficult to find and trace back Spot’s journey through the SFU website. A search party was supposed to be sent out for Spot. However, goSFU is currently down for system maintenance. 

“I believe I might have come across Spot when I clicked a link that led to a ‘page not found’ statement,” said Joel Smith, an admin on the student-run Facebook group “literally.never.go.SFU,” placing the encounter sometime in the evening of July 11. 

“I tried to use the search bar, but it only led me to pointless articles about SFU’s top rankings. There are just too many places he could be. I have yet to find Spot and want him to come home,” explained Lingonberry. 

The Peak tried to reach out to SFU for comment, but at press time, reporters were still wandering SFU’s subsections in search of contact information.

If anyone thinks they have seen Spot on the SFU website, goSFU, Canvas, department websites, library catalogue, now-defunct U-Pass BC login page, or any other section or subsection of SFU’s online presence, please contact Annabeth Lingonberry.