Grumble: Dating app for group projects

Cora Fu / The Peak

Written by: Trevor Roberts, Peak Associate

Hate group projects? The answer to your academic qualms is the world’s first group project “dating” app: Grumble! Grumble connects you with the top group members in your class (and the bottom ones, and the ones in the middle) and provides you with all of the information you need to form a half-decent group. Still don’t believe us? Check out these examples below.


Third-year chemistry

Langley – 32km away

Look, I don’t want to be really high maintenance, and if you pick me, I’ll do really good work — promise. The thing is, though, I’m not going to be able to meet in person very often.

For one, I live in Langley, and not Langley in the city — I mean Langley in the fields. It takes me two and a half hours to take four buses and a SkyTrain to campus; I’m not coming unless I actually have to. Also, I have work, a ton of extracurriculars, and a well-developed social life that I’m not about to give up on for a breadth class. I am available for 10 minutes before class and 17 minutes after class, no more, no less. If that doesn’t work for you, then swipe left.


Fifth-year undeclared

Burnaby – 8km away

Hey, this is Niall’s friend Steve. He didn’t want to bother writing his own bio, so here goes.

Niall is what you could call a gamble. On one hand, he might hand in a bunch of rushed, last-minute work for the smallest section of the project possible. One the other hand, he might do nothing. To be fair, he’s just taking this class to help to decide on a major, even though that’s probably not going to happen. Expect him to write less than half as much as is required and read directly off the slides. Good luck.


Fourth-year business

Burnaby – 1km away

Listen, I’m in my final semester with a 4.0 GPA and more than a dozen prestigious job offers. How’d I do it? Simple: I take things seriously. I’ll obviously do more than my share of the work (quality needs to be kept up), but you’d better be ready to work.

Expect to clear your entire schedule, and yes, that does mean your other classes. Also, don’t think we’re just going to “follow the criteria of the assignment.” I don’t care if it’s a 100-level BPK project” I’m looking for marketable experience, networking opportunities, and something smexy to put on my LinkedIn.