What If . . . SFU had formal school uniforms

Illustration by Reslus/The Peak

Written by Gene Cole, Opinions Editor

Even though many of us at SFU are adults in at least our early 20s, it’s common for us to be treated like children just for being students. I’m sure most of us have had the wonderful quips when you tell someone you’re a student, like “Oh, so you don’t have a real job yet,” or “You’re still just learning.”

So why not have something distinctive and boring to wear each day, just to cement how unadult we’re seen as just for being students.

In all seriousness, though, the idea of an email from the school announcing uniforms is a thing of nightmares. Having worn a uniform in elementary school, I can’t help but fear re-experiencing the uncomfortable, cheap suits and ties. The large spending on identical and unnecessarily fancy clothes, as well as the time-sink to keep those fancy clothes clean, aren’t things that any of us deserve to worry about as adults.

This is to say nothing of the style, which — while potentially ‘classy’ — would be bound to be infinitely duller than our personal fashion or comfy clothes. Without our own clothing, we lose a bit of our soul, and that would only feel more painful on top of the loss of time and energy that SFU already inflicts. However the uniform were to look, it would absolutely feel like a formal prison jumpsuit.