New Music Friday

(Linda Shu / The Peak)

By: Ana Maria Mejia Morales, and Edna Batengas

“MotorSport” – Migos, Nicki Minaj, Cardi B

Ana Maria Mejia Morales: Here we go. Started off bad. Real bad.

Edna Batengas: Yasssssss! Downloaded this song the day it came out. I love that Nicki and Cardi B are on the same track. Rap queens link up!

“Bambiala” – Danagog, Davido, Mayorkun

AMMM: For a second there I was like “DEMAGORGON?!” No, not at all. Dumb brain can’t stop thinking about Stranger Things. This song can’t be compared to the brilliance of the show. Nothing can compare.

EB: I love the beat and the rhythm. I mean, come on, Davido is on this track, you can’t be disappointed.

“Por Favor” – Pitbull, Fifth Harmony

AMMM: This song, for those of you who don’t speak Spanish, is Pitbull asking for sex. And the girls answer, “I do everything you ask me, please.” Another win for Pitbull another loss for females. I wonder if they are aware of what they are saying . . .

EB: Am I the only one creeped out by the idea of Pitbull getting with Fifth Harmony? He’s old as heck. Nah, I do not approve.

“Oh Jah Jah” – Eddie Murphy

AMMM: EDDIE MURPHY HAS A REGGAE PAST?!?! Did you know that? Neither did I! Is that where he went to after Dr. Dolittle? To go hang out in Jamaica?

EB: All I can say to Eddie is “if you got it, then flaunt it.” He’s so good!

“Always Ascending” – Franz Ferdinand

AMMM: I feel like this is what a meathead listens to when he goes to the gym.

EB: Psychedelic trip much . . .

“Guilty” – Paloma Faith

AMMM: This is a mix of Amy Winehouse and Adele. Nailed the description!

EB: I’ve never heard of Paloma Faith, but I’m loving this song! Her vocals are just bliss.

“Marabout” – Maître Gims


EB: Ooohhh, this sounds like French dance hall. FINALLY!!!

“Big Woman” – Nadia Rose

AMMM: Pretty good. She knows how to make a song and it makes sense. She sounds like a badass.

EB: Nadia Rose just might be my spirit animal.

“Suttin Like That” – KURUPT FM

AMMM: I saw the name KURUPT FM and immediately knew: they were gonna corrupt my ears.

EB: “Yeah yeah suttin like that,” oh my days, I love British rap.

“A Natural” – Gordon Downie

AMMM: YES. GOOD. YES. FINALLLYYYYYY. It has ‘80s vibes. Smiths influence, I sense?

EB: Yes, yes, yes. Gord Downie’s work all sounds like it would be on the soundtrack of The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

“One More Light” – Linkin Park, Steve Aoki
AMMM: It was really emotional at the beginning. This is what I would listen to in the bus if I was trying to have a deep experience. But then it got club-y . . .

EB: I’ve never been a huge Linkin Park fan, but I’m digging this one. It didn’t need the EDM, though.

“Memories and Melodies” – Busty and the Bass

AMMM: This starts off with this weird, creepy vibe, and then it gets SO, SO, SO good.

EB: Yes, chilled vibes all they way!