Minutes from Emergency Board Meeting (February 24)


Emergency Meeting of the Peak Publications Society Board of Directors
February 24, 2017
Peak Offices
Chair: Jessica Pickering


  • Maia Odegaard (Board Secretary, non-voting)
  • Max Hill (EIC)
  • Jessica Pickering (Employee Rep)
  • Jessica Whitesel (Collective Rep)
  • Nathan Ross (Collective Rep)
  • Russell Copley (At-large Member)
  • Nikki Dumrique (At-large Member)
  • Taylor Mykle-Winkler (Guest)
  • Tamara Connor (Guest)
  • Swati Garg (Guest)
  • Zach Siddiqui (Guest)
  • Alex Bloom (Guest)
  • Adam Madojemu (Guest)
  • Craig Wright (Guest)
  • Vincent Mitra (Guest)
  • Courtney Miller (Guest)
  • Alexa Tarrayo (Guest)
  • Nick Bondi (Guest)
  • Ashley Fraser (Guest)
  • Beatriz Fernandes (Guest)
  • Winona Young (Guest)



  1. Call to order: 11:15 a.m.
  2. Independent Electoral Commisioner
    Max proposed we hire an IEC for the Editor-in-Chief elections this year and award them $50 for their work.

    • Also wants to change the EIC policy so that they get final say over whether or not a candidate meets qualifications for the EIC position (not the Board)
    • change it to the IEC being hired by the Board rather than elected by the Collective
    • Job qualifications? Someone who has an SFSS IEC? Someone who understands non-profits, someone who is part of the SFU community.
    • Preference given to current SFU students.
    • IEC cannot have contributed to the Peak in the past two (2) years
    • Task force of Max, Jess P. And Maia to create final job description for IEC

    BIRT we adopt the changes discussed into the EIC policy and that we hire an IEC
    Jess P. / Jess W.
    All in favour

  3. Tamara et al stipend proposal
    Tamara Connor, Ashley Fraser, Nick Bondi, and Linda Shu brought forward a proposal for additional pay for work they did during the reading break. Proposal was discussed at the Board meeting on Wednesday, however, Board did not have quorum to vote. They each want $175 for 8-10 hours of unsolicited work performed in order to keep with the mandate of making our paper web-first and to keep on top of correspondence.

    • Going forward, we will likely shift the production schedule forward so the there are just 13 weeks of continuous coverage during the spring semester (not printing an issued the week following New Year’s Day.
    • Also, stipend proposals will be brought to Board ahead of time, so that individuals know whether or not they will be paid before they do it.
    • In the past, contract work during the break would be paid minimum

    BIRT we approve the proposal amended to $165 and with the stipulation that this will be the last retroactive proposal for stipend brought forward.
    Jess P./ Max
    All in favour

  4. Adjournment: 11:44 a.m.