Minutes from the Special General Meeting (February 24)


Peak Publications Society Special General Meeting
MBC 2290
February 24, 2017
Chair: Maia Odegaard

Attendance: see below



  1. Call to order: 10:15 a.m.
    Waiting for reduced quorum of 20 members
  2. Introduction of candidates:
    Russell Copley: faculty of science student, Nathan told him about the opportunity. His cousin and father were both involved with the Peak, so he has a vested interest in the institution
    Nikki Dumrique: introduced to The Peak through Jessica Pickering.
    MBB and Business joint major, representing a different part of the student body, has experience planning events to get people more involved on campus. Biology Student Union president, and other experience.
  3. Vote
  4. Adjournment: 10:51 a.m.


NOTE: Both candidates received a majority in their favour and were elected to the board.


Attendance list

  1. Jessica Whitesel
  2. Elena Hsu
  3. Max Hill
  4. Courtney Miller
  5. Cecile Favron
  6. Tamara Connor
  7. Craig Wright
  8. Russell Copley
  9. Taylor Mykle-Winkler
  10. Nathan Ross
  11. Ashley Fraser
  12. Prashant Shashikumar
  13. Alexander Vasilchenku
  14. Gabrielle McLaren
  15. Vincent Mitra
  16. Nikki Dumrique
  17. Nick Bondi
  18. Morgan Reimer
  19. Zach Siddiqui
  20. Adam Madojemu
  21. Swati Garg
  22. Matthew Fong
  23. Alexa Tarrayo
  24. Jessica Pickering
  25. Maia Odegaard

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