The Peak is hiring a Digital Strategist!


We are looking for a new Digital Strategist (or Web Producer) to join our team and help maximize our online presence. If the job description below is of interest to you or someone you know, send a resume and cover letter to

Purpose: The Digital Strategist’s purpose is to oversee and improve The Peak’s online presence and engagement through its website and the use of social media.


  • Devising and implementing strategies to drive and hold online traffic to The Peak’s website and social media profiles, with an emphasis on improving: size of audience, reach, engagement (community and campaign metrics)
  • Tracking and reporting web analytics of The Peak’s website and social media profiles
  • Monitoring, listening, and responding to users who reach out to The Peak through the website and social media channels
  • Communicating with the collective and editors to set and achieve online presence goals
  • Developing and managing digital marketing campaigns and projects
  • Utilizing a range of digital strategy techniques (Ex: SEO, content strategizing, Lean Canvas facilitation)
  • Managing redesigns of The Peak website, with aim of constantly improving user experience
  • Overseeing design of social media profiles
  • Planning and overseeing the budget of all digital marketing (ex: promoting Facebook posts, Google adwords)


  • Must have knowledge of online marketing strategies, softwares, and platforms
  • Ability to work independently while maintaining open communication with the team as a whole

Other notes:

  • This is a staff position and will be hired when the position is to be vacant
  • Pay is an hourly wage of $14.50, tracked by the individual and submitted to the Business Manager for payment every two weeks
  • Hours are flexible and will change from week to week, with an average of 8-12 hours per week

NOTE: not meeting the stipend requirements may result in dismissal or pay reduction.

For more information, email or, or drop by our offices in the Maggie Benston Centre (MBC 2900)