Why I am a Conservative

Image Credit: Brandon Hillier
Image Credit: Brandon Hillier
Image Credit: Brandon Hillier

It has been a little over a year since the Mr. Right Wing column first came into existence. In that time, I have done my best to try and keep our readers aware of the fact that the opinions they hold, popular or not, are not necessarily the strongest ones on a variety of issues. In this space I have brought up the legalization of marijuana, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and even broached the uncomfortable topic of abortion, all while taking time to criticize Trudeau at least once a month.

Yet, I realize now that I have never once explained to readers the motivation behind why I write what I write and pledge my support to my party. So, in the interest of clarity, allow me to explain just why I am a Conservative.

Let me start by stating that I am probably not as conservative as you would think. For example, I am a strong supporter of the healthcare system as it operates in our country, which is not something one might expect from a hardline right-winger. I am also a strong believer in social programs and income assistance as a temporary measure to aid those in need.

I do, however, believe that we need to set conditions and standards on those assistance programs so that they are not abused, and so that the funds that are distributed from them are used appropriately.

In most political organizations, such a deviation from the typical ideals of conservatism would see me alienated or denied participation. Fortunately, I belong to a party that embraces diversity of opinion, so that I can still believe both in the right of same-sex couples to get married, and that no doctor should be forced to perform a procedure that they believe compromises their own integrity and morality, including abortion or euthanasia.

I believe in a country under the rule of law, with a code of crime and punishment.

If I were to be a Liberal supporter, I would have to abandon those beliefs, but as a Conservative, I can remain true to my own ideals.

Furthermore, I believe that the government should seek to balance its budget not by raising taxes, but by using the funds available to them in order to meet the needs of its people. National budgets need to operate the same as personal ones; I cannot simply force my employers to give me more money, and neither should our elected officials.

A government needs to be able to deliver on promised programs without increasing the burden on Canadian citizens, especially those who are gaining little to no benefit from such programs.

I believe in a strong Canada; one whose trade is not solely reliant on the United States, but who reaches out to the world in order to maximize opportunity. I believe in a country under the rule of law, with a code of crime and punishment, whose elected representatives leaders respect, uphold and obey the laws of the nation, even when they do not necessarily agree with them.

I believe in a Canadian Armed Forces that is fully equipped to continue a proud legacy of serving in humanitarian missions in the wider world. I believe in having a leader who represents the Canadians who put him in office, and is not afraid to stand up for what is right, especially when it isn’t easy. So I am now, and will forever be, a Conservative.