Poster Slam 2014


Well, it’s election time again and SFU’s beautiful grey walls have once again been covered up by a seemingly endless number of posters. There are so many out there it’s hard to believe that they’re all just for this one election! While most of them are great and really creative (I saw one that was like the Obama thing, neat!) there’s a few . . . how should I put this, stinkers out there that are just ripe for mockery! So without further ado, let’s slam this year’s worst posters!


Oh boy, look at this one, it doesn’t even have the candidate’s name on it! Hey jerk, maybe you should spend a little less time mastering photoshop and a little more time REMEMBERING TO PUT YOU NAME ON THE POSTER! It just says “300: Rise of an Empire,” what does that even mean? This is one of the worst SFSS election posters of the year!


Ummm sorry, but not all of us can read chinese, okay? If you want to get some votes you might want to try putting some English in there! You know, this might be fine if it were like a tutoring service that was specifically targeting chinese students but these are the SFSS elections, you got to do better than this! NEXT!


Are you kidding me Math Tutor?!? Is this really the best you could come up with? At least have a picture or some colour or something! And if you’ve really been a high school teacher since 1999, like you claim, why do you even want to be in the SFSS anyway? Are your guys’ salaries really that bad? Come on Tutor, smarten up!


Okay, so I’ve been seeing a lot of these around campus, so kudos on the promotion, but I’ve just got to say it: these are some of the dumbest posters I’ve ever seen! Sure, their quality is pretty amazing but, seriously just “men”? That’s all it says? We’ve already heard of men, idiot! We’re going to need a LITTLE MORE INFO! What a terrible poster for an SFSS election!


Alright, I’ve got to admit, this one’s actually kind of cool. You can literally push it into the wall and a door will open, which is pretty awesome. But still, I don’t see what this has to do with the elections or the SFSS! I’m not even sure if I would consider this to be a poster, it’s more of a button! God, am I confused. Anyway, this poster sucks, moron! “Press to Open”? Get real!