SFSS looking for input from students on issues that matter

From left to right, Arr Farah, Mark Thompson and Natalia Gretskaia hand out freezies for those who complete the survey.

The Simon Fraser Student Society’s (SFSS) Advocacy Committee is looking for students to tell them what their most concerning issues are — and they won’t stop until they hear from enough of them.

After conducting a survey online and in the halls of SFU with little fanfare over the past couple weeks, the survey will be extended until they reach at least 500 students.

“Right now, we have around 330 responses,” said SFSS VP external relations Christine Dyson. “Our goal initially was to get to 750 responses, however if we get above 500 we’re taking that as a credible amount.”

Dyson said the Advocacy Committee wanted to make sure they had heard from enough students, to avoid missing any major issues that students are facing on campus before deciding their campaigns for the year.  

“Very simply, we just want to hear student concerns and what it is that is important to them, so that we can direct our time to the issues that best reflect student needs,” she said.

A survey like this has never been done by the SFSS before, according to Dyson. She and the rest of the committee thought it would be the best starting point for this year, because they want the work they do to best address actual student concerns.

So far, the issues addressed have touched upon sexual assault on campus, TransLink and transit issues, and academic issues, including SFU’s class withdrawal policy.

Students will be able to take the survey online, and might happen to stumble across the Advocacy Committee giving out the survey in person, often with a free freezie for completion.