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110 million-year-old crab fossil discovered by University of Alberta researcher

The fossil of a 110 million-year-old crab was found in the Colombian tropics by University of Alberta PhD student Javier Luque.

The species of higher true crab, Telamonocarcinus antiquus, dates back to the Early Cretaceous period and has challenged the previous notion that crabs were not as diverse or widespread during this era.

This discovery, Luque said, adds much-needed knowledge about the early evolution of this particular group of crabs and how early branches of the crab family are connected those of the present day.

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Brock University professor publishes paper in new autism journal

An educational assistant professor at Brock University has become one of the first researchers to publish a paper in an online journal that focuses on developmental disabilities.

In the first issue and volume of the Journal of the Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities (DAAD), Kimberly Maich, along with her associate Carmen Hall of Fanshawe College, presented their research on how the use of an iPad by a nine-year-old girl with autism to keep track of her school schedule helped decrease off-task behavior between learning activities.

In her research paper, Maich argues that since autistic people are visual thinkers, an iPad lessens this “latency” by presenting vivid images of scheduled activities for the autistic child to follow.

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A final project, and a business opportunity to boot!

Ryerson alumna Ivonne Serna has co-created Tycra Wear, which features winter boots with a twist. These boots can be customized using a detachable calf tube, which can be replaced with a bigger or smaller size tube.

“You could have different combinations of styles and colours. You could just change the tube and have a complete boot makeover,” Serna told The Eyeopener.

Tycra Wear started out as Serna’s final year fashion project, and has now turned into an entrepreneurial opportunity for her and her husband. Using Kickstarter to launch their boot campaign, the husband-wife duo has set a goal of $84,000 to be met by January 23, 2015. If Tycra Wear fails to reach this goal, all the money pledged will be returned to donors.

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