The Decision Is Yours.

This is a Choose Your Own Adventure story! At the end of each section, make a choice and follow the number.

Directional signs in the desert.
PHOTO: Mark Neal / Pexels

By: Hana Hoffman, Peak Associate


You procrastinated on a video project due in 10 hours. It’s 2 p.m., your lecture has just ended, and you need to rush home to your computer to work on the project. Oh no!

Go to 2.


Would you rather call Uber to get home faster or take transit to save money?

Uber: go to 3.

Transit: go to 4.


The Uber driver picks you up, but they’re new to the city and unfamiliar with the area. They follow the map instead of taking the route you recommend and end up in a construction zone where traffic is barely moving. It’s hard to predict how much of a delay this traffic jam will cause.

You think about how you could hop out of the car and walk 40 minutes to get home, but there’s also a chance it won’t take too long to get past the construction.

Jump out and walk: go to 8.

Wait in the Uber: go to 5.


You hop on the bus, and there’s a seat available, so you take it. You didn’t sleep much the night before, so you fall asleep.

Read about the dream you had during your nap:  go to 7.

Continue with the story: go to 6.


Your hopes were a little too high for the Uber. It took 30 minutes to get past the construction zone, and even after that, the ride took quite a while. You couldn’t even recognize the streets they were driving on. You ask the driver if they’re really taking you to 7614 Nelson St, but on their Uber app, it says 7614 Elson St. You made a typo in the app earlier today! Now, the driver has to turn around and drive another hour or two in heavier rush-hour traffic.

Go to 10.


After the nap, you wake up and realize you missed your stop and travelled too far. You get off the bus as soon as possible. It would take 30 minutes to walk home, but you also see an unattended scooter in someone’s front yard, which would make it faster to get home.

Just walk home: go to 8.

Take the scooter: go to 9.


You have a wild dream where someone broke into your bedroom and stole all your Halloween candy, and you later found out it was Peakie who did it. Then, you wrote a letter to Peakie asking for all the candy to be returned, and suddenly, it started raining candy and chocolates from the sky for one minute.

Go to 6.


You go on that long walk, reaching your home in the late afternoon.

Go to 11.


You carefully walk into the yard while looking around to make sure no one is watching. You grab the scooter, take it to the road, and off you go! You reach the end of the block, and you hear two young boys on bicycles ringing the handlebar bells at you. You turn your head to see what’s happening, and then you hear one of them yell, “Hey, that’s my scooter!”

Return the scooter to the boy: Go to 12.

Keep riding away as fast as you can: Go to 13.


You get home in the late evening, so you don’t have that much time to work on your project. You turn on the computer and put minimal effort into the project to get it done as quickly as possible. Then, you submit it on Canvas right before the deadline. Although your mark for the project might not be great, at least you won’t get deductions for submitting late!


The long walk was great exercise, so your brain is energized and ready to grind. You work really hard for the rest of the day and successfully submit the finished project on Canvas before the deadline. Fantastic job! The stress is over now, so it’s time for a relaxing night of binge watching Christmas movies because it’s never too early to start getting in the holiday spirit.


Since you don’t want the situation to escalate, you give the scooter to the boy and tell him you were just testing it out for a minute and was planning to put it back in his front yard. Then, you start to take the long walk home.

Go to 11.


You respond to the boy by saying, “Well, it’s mine now!” And you take off as fast as you can. However, the two boys on bikes end up catching up to you easily. They throw their water bottle at your head and you fall off the scooter. The boy pulls over and walks up to you, examines the scooter, and complains about the scratched-up surfaces. He tells you that if you don’t buy him a new scooter, he will call his mom to come over and deal with you. You really don’t want any trouble, so you make your way to the nearest scooter shop with the two boys to buy him a new scooter. After that you make your way home, and arrive quite late. Since you only have a bit of time left before the deadline and you’re super exhausted, you give up on finishing the project and make it a “tomorrow” problem.

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