Monday Music: Songs for the relationship you never had

A soundtrack for your personal rom-com

Monday Music: your weekly themed playlist. Image courtesy of The Peak.

By: Sara Brinkac, SFU Student

With increasingly difficult barriers appearing when trying to score a date, a friendly (socially distanced) smile or wave is now enough to instigate an entire series of fantasies. To aid all my single friends out there, I have created a playlist for falling in, being in, and falling out of love. So pop on a pair of headphones, think of that cutie you saw at the grocery store, and remember: there’s only one thing better than being in love, and that’s creating elaborate romantic scenarios in your head to live vicariously through. 

“Great Big Bundle Of Love” by Brenton Wood

Image courtesy of The Bicycle Music Company

You’ve got a whole lotta love and you’ve saved it all for whoever happens to be your crush this week. With a groovy backing track, soft, upbeat vocals, and a brass section no one with a heart can deny, “Great Big Bundle Of Love” is sure to set the ambience dial to “single and ready to mingle.” If the instrumentals don’t open up your heart to the love light, Wood’s beautiful high notes and layered harmonies are sure to get the job done. Anyone who listens to this song either has a great big bundle of love already or will by the end of it.

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“Anyone Else But You” by The Moldy Peaches

Image courtesy of The Moldy Peaches

Now that you’ve locked in on the person of your dreams, it’s time to picture the “being in love” part of the relationship. Grab an imaginary guitar and get ready to sing a love duet that rivals the greats. A cute and simple folk song, this track represents the warm, cozy (but still edgy) relationship you’ve been craving. With a sweet melody carrying you all the way through, this is the perfect backing track for you and your “full time friend” to do all the romantic things together. Eat your heart out, Sonny and Cher.

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“You’re Kind” by Paul Simon

Image courtesy of Sony Music Entertainment

I regret to inform you that the time has come to separate your fictitious union. The good news is that I have queued a fantastically smooth song to play your significant other out. The bad news is the song lyrics may make you feel personally attacked. In “You’re Kind,” Paul Simon hits a home run with this beautifully crafted and hilarious song on making relationship problems “no fault of [your] own.” With a truly beautiful horn section, Simon’s ever-faithful rhythmic guitar, and his harmonic voice, there’s no better song to highlight the irony of this fictional separation.

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