SFSS to offer $30,000 emergency bursary fund

The fund is designed to help students affected by COVID-19

The SFSS will be offering emergency financial aid to students

By: Gurpreet Kambo, News Editor

According to a post by current Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) President Giovanni HoSang on his Facebook page on Wednesday March 25, the SFSS will be distributing an emergency bursary to students who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As stated on the post, the Executive Committee of the SFSS, which consists of the president and vice-presidents, passed a motion mandating the Executive Director of the SFSS, Sylvia Ceacero, to distribute $30,000 of emergency funding “through the most effective means, to assist students dealing with emergencies.”

In response to a question on Facebook about where this money was coming from, HoSang responded that the SFSS is in a “healthy financial position,” and linked to the minutes from a Board of Directors meeting from January 8 that had a financial report from the Vice-President Finance. That report states that as of October 31, which is halfway through the fiscal year, the SFSS had a surplus of $164,000.

Further details will be forthcoming, and this post will be updated accordingly.