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Chris Ho / The Peak

By: Geron Malbas and Gabrielle McLaren

Editor’s note: In print, the top content for Humour and Arts had been misattributed to the wrong creators. The web version that follows is correct, and we apologize for the mistake.  

Here at The Peak, we try to write content that you care about, and we like to think that we do a good job. Below you’ll find a list of The Peak’s most viewed article or video for each of our sections throughout 2018, according to Facebook analytics:


Piece: Q&A with SFU stand-up comedian Sam Gorick

Writer: Natasha Tar

People reached: 7,400

This cute, easy-to-read interview with Sam Gorick was a unique piece, close to home. You might recognize Gorick from the West Mall Starbucks or one of your communication classes, but he’s also a hobbyist stand-up comic, who describes his style of comedy as “poor.” (With that winning endorsement, go check him out! Seriously: do it.)

The fact that a piece about a student artist was our most-read arts piece of 2018 speaks to an SFU community that is often reported as MIA. Our multimedia team is also aboard the “We Love Sam Gorick” bandwagon and previously made a Student Spotlight video you can check out.


Piece: SFU Rugby thrives despite not being recognized as a varsity team

Writer: Andrew Ringer

People reached: 1,249

Though our sports section understandably focuses on the Clan’s activities, last year it expanded to better cover many other student groups and clubs on SFU’s sports scene. SFU Rugby is one of the university’s oldest clubs and boasts a long, impressive history of achievements to match. However, it’s always growing and open to new members and fresh talent go ahead and read the piece to hear from players and coaches alike and to find out more about the club.


Piece: SFU announces plans for new pub
Writer: Amneet Mann

People reached: 22,636

In late October, SFU announced that the space left by the Highland Pub (may it rest in peace) had been reclaimed by the Joseph Richard Group (JRG), a company that runs restaurants in Alberta and B.C. And lo and behold, a new pub is set to open in the near future: The Study Public House.

When The Study does open, it will feature a brand-new design, a new menu, expanded seating, and will be bookable for student groups. Interest in this piece is perhaps unsurprising, given how badly the student body took the news of the Highland’s closure.


Piece: Bringing dad jokes to the board: an SFYou with Samer Rihani
Writer: Gabrielle McLaren

People reached: 2,213

Within a week after the SFSS’s annual general meeting, vice-president student services and acting president Samer Rihani found time to stop by The Peak office, tell a bunch of (objectively bad⧸glorious) dad jokes, and talk about the rebuilding process on the society’s horizon following Jas Randhawa’s impeachment. In the midst of the impeachment buzz and with all the questions it left, it’s no surprise that this piece performed well.


Piece: What Grinds our Gears: Icebreaker activities in lectures and tutorials
Writer: Tiffany Chang

People reached: 2,304

This bite-sized opinions piece packed high approval ratings. In few words, Tiffany Chang captured the most universal university experience: the cringe and hatred that swirls inside while sitting in a circle and waiting for your turn to tell everyone your name, year, major, and something “fun” about you.  

Humour:   Procrastination 105

Created by Melissa Campos and Aaron Richardson. Featuring Gene Cole, Courtney Miller, and Geron Malbas

People reached: 2,601

A fine piece of satire, this video served as the grand announcement of a new, mandatory class at SFU that will teach university students how to procrastinate. The fact that actual-professors Nikhil Jayadevan and Drs Mark Blair, Holly Andersen, Michael Everton, and Rochelle Tucker are involved is the cherry on the cake. I was supposed to take this class this semester, but missed the deadline to enroll… guess I’ll just do it later.

Multimedia: How Did Simon Fraser University Get Its Name?

Presented by Sina Khalili, Edited by Melissa Campos

People reached: 17, 771

Summer is usually a slower time on campus, which apparently gave everyone more time to click on this video. Here, our multimedia team recapped where exactly our university got its name from through archival research, chatted with some students about it, and dug into the controversy that surrounds this name (fast-forward to 1:28 if you want the tea). It’s a short, two-minute video that you should watch if you haven’t seen it yet.

Most viewed content overall

Piece: SFU announces plans for new pub
Writer: Amneet Mann

People reached: 22,636

The image of the broke, hungry, and borderline-alcoholic university student shines through with this one: the most interesting piece this semester was news of a new pub. The good news about this news: it gives us something to look forward to in 2019.

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