Staying In, Nostalgia Edition: Firefly

Firefly’s only season is enough to get you hooked and hungry for more of this cult classic

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By: Maxwell Gawlick, Peak Associate

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Firefly is one of my favourite shows, and after a weekend with it, it’ll be yours too.

        Firefly is a short adventure series featuring loveable characters and a deep, meaningful story. After only one season, the show garnered a massive fanbase of people like myself, immediately enraptured by the unique setting. It’s very similar to the well-loved anime Cowboy Bebop, which also features what effectively amounts to space cowboys.

         Starring Nathan Fillion and a host of other skilled and recognizable actors, Firefly follows Serenity (a starship), and its crew: a band of smugglers taking on passengers to disguise themselves as a transportation vessel. In a fantastic blend of futuristic sci-fi and old westerns set five hundred years in the future, the crew — unofficially referred to as “space-cowboys” by fans — go on great adventures, hunting for excitement and wealth.

         While Firefly can be watched as a simply comedic drama, viewers will note that it employs social commentary to which discusses social issues like race, gender, sexual orientation, and belonging. The show forces the viewer to stand witness to tough moral decisions, ultimately providing that viewer with a broader world perspective.

        Firefly is also home to some of the best costumes, set design, and sound design I’ve seen in anything short of Star Wars, which is notable for a small, one-season show. Its effects may be somewhat dated now, but I find it only adds to the show’s charm.

         I’ve watched Firefly three or four times now, and you really need to in order to fully grasp all it has to offer. It’s silly and light-hearted but there’s a lot to take away if given the chance. When you finish the meager one season, you’ll be pleased to know that a full-length movie, Serenity, was released as a pseudo-sequel for your next binge weekend.


Firefly is available on Google Play, Hulu, and Prime Video. Firefly’s movie adaptation, Serenity, is available on Netflix, Google Play, Prime Video, iTunes, YouTube Movies, and other streaming services.