Written by Amneet Mann, News Editor


The Leslie and Gordon Diamond Family Auditorium was reported to be filled with smoke 10 minutes before the SFSS annual general meeting (AGM) was scheduled to begin there today.

According to vice-president student services Samer Rihani, the SFSS directors were informed by campus security that someone had dropped a smoke bomb inside of the auditorium.

Campus security and the fire department had been called to the scene to help clear the smoke.

Rihani noted that the SFSS had reached out to SFU’s Meetings, Events and Conference Services and had alternate spaces booked for the event.

“Our main mode is just to let people know that regardless of this, regardless of if we can get into there or not, we’re still going to have the meeting happen,” said Rihani.

SFSS president Jas Randhawa commented that he didn’t know what was going on or how the event would proceed. “I walked up and someone told me there’s smoke,” he said.

As of 12:35pm, vice-president university relations Jackson Freedman announced that the fire department was currently attempting to air out the auditorium and that the AGM was expected to begin in 15 to 20 minutes.

“We’re hoping that by the time it hits 1 p.m. we can still be ready on time,” said Rihani.

The Peak will follow up with more information as the story develops.

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