Snapshot of 2017 Fall Kick-off (Photo courtesy of Simon Fraser Student Society)

The Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS) hosted its largest ever fall kickoff concert despite cancelling the after-party due to safety concerns last Friday.  

The initial counts indicate that over 2,000 people attended the event held in Convocation Mall at the SFU Burnaby campus. The after-party scheduled to take place in the Diamond Alumni Centre was cancelled by university due to concerns about the safety of event goers.

“It honestly just came down to the safety of students,” explained Alam Khehra, SFSS vice-president student life. “It would have been nice, but had something happened at the after-party, that would have just dampened the entire experience.”

He said that the decision was made because of the high turnout this year, some students required medical attention at the concert due to intoxication, and the after-party was being held in the Diamond Alumni Centre, instead of the Highland Pub, which required students to walk across campus to the location. The society will offer those who purchased advance tickets to the after-party a refund, Khehra added.

The event clean up was mostly completed by the following morning.

There was also an altercation that occurred during the event just outside the concert boundaries, according to Khehra.

SFU spokesperson Kurt Heinrich told The Peak that police and campus security did respond to an incident involving a couple of people that evening. “There were no injuries or arrests and the incident was resolved informally at the scene,” Heinrich said.

Despite the setbacks, Khehra said the pre-sale tickets were sold out and overall sales exceeded the 2,100 for which the society had budgeted.

Furthermore, he said that students enjoyed the concert.

“The event was very successful in my opinion,” he said. “Students always complain that we are a commuter campus and we need to have more of a social atmosphere, and I think [this event] was definitely a stepping stone for us.”

Though the final cost of the event has not been calculated, Khehra is optimistic that the kickoff will be within budget and the cost incurred by the society will be minimal. With a total budget of $111,400 the society had accounted for a $14,400 loss.

“I think we should be within the budget,” he said. “We’re optimistic, but the after-party being cancelled . . . might be a factor.”