Compiled by Courtney Miller, Jessica Pickering, and Natasha Tar


For those of you who don’t know, we here at The Peak ran a survey that gave you, the students, a chance to vote on the best things about SFU. Below are the most popular answers to those questions along with some answers that really stood out.


Best campus resource?

  1. Women’s Centre

  2. Student Central
  3. The Learning Commons
    Standout answer: Indigenous Student Centre


Best place to have sex?

  1. Off campus
  2. The avocado
  3. The AQ
    Standout answer: “Everywhere. The SFSS fucks us everywhere, all the time”


Best sports team?

  1. Quidditch

  2. Women’s Basketball
  3. Men’s Basketball
    Standout answer: “Who has time for exercise”


Best nap spot?

  1. Library
  2. Women’s Centre
  3. In class
    Standout answer: On the bus


Best study spot?

  1. The library
  2. The AQ
  3. A department common room
    Standout answer: Women’s Centre


Best on-campus date spot?

  1. TIE: the AQ reflecting pool and the Highland Pub 🙁
    3. Club Ilia
    Standout answer: The observatory


Best coffee shop?

  1. Starbucks

  2. Renaissance Coffee
  3. Tim Hortons
    Standout answer: Higher Grounds


Best Instagram view?

  1. The AQ reflecting pool

  2. Other areas of the AQ
  3. West Mall Centre
    Standout answer: Roof of the Rotunda


Best cheap lunch?

  1. Tim Hortons
  2. Mackenzie Café
  3. Veggie Lunch
    Standout answer: Poké


Best club?

  1. SFU Choir
  2. Anime Club
  3. Greek Life
    Standout answer: Club Ilia


Best chair?


  1. Grey chairs in the Burnaby campus library
  2. Office chairs
  3. Highland Pub chairs
    Standout answer: All the people that were confused by this question


Best course for easy credit?


  1. Education 100
  2. TIE: Physics 190 and Mathematics 101
    Standout answer: History 115


Best SFSS service?


  1. U-Pass
  2. Food and beverage services
  3. Health and Dental Plan
    Standout answer: The Peak. [Editor’s note: We are an independent society, not an SFSS service, but thanks for the love.]


Best-dressed professor?


  1. Jody Baker

  2. TIE: George Arthur Alder, Michael Everton, and Endre Begby.


Best bathroom?


  1. AQ upper floors
  2. AQ main floor
  3. Harbour Centre
    Standout answer: “Anything that’s been renovated in the last year”


Best weird bookstore purchase?


  1. Doctor Who snow globe
  2. Wool fox pillow
  3. Wool birdhouse pumpkin cottage
    Standout answer: “Regret”


Best lecture hall?


  1. Images Theatre
  2. The AQ
  3. Saywell Hall
    Standout answer: SUR 2600


Best bus?


  1. 95 B-Line
  2. 145
  3. 135 #rip
    Standout answer: 144


Best SFU conspiracy?


  1. SFU was designed by a prison architect
  2. The avocado
  3. The SFSS
    Standout answer: “ANDREW PETTER IS CURSED AND CAN’T LEAVE THE MOUNTAIN HE WORKS HERE HE LIVES HERE WAKE UP SHEEPLE (the curse can only be broken by gondola)”


Best place to smoke?


  1. Rooftops
  2. TIE: the Highland Pub patio and the balcony of Convocation Mall
    Standout answer: “Maybe don’t?”


Best student politician?


  1. Larissa Chen
  2. TIE: Enoch Weng and Matthew Fong
    Standout answer: “Deepak Sharma – dude went all out for the lols”


Best SFU alum?


  1. Terry Fox

  2. Bill Nye
  3. TIE: Margaret Trudeau and Shad
    Standout answer: “Me”


Best parking spot?


  1. Off campus
  2. TIE: West Mall Centre and below Convocation Mall
    Standout answer: “Literally wherever you can find a spot”


“Best of SFU” we forgot


Best SFSS scandal?

You decide!


Best closure?

Highland Pub


Best SFU drinking spot?

The AQ reflecting pool after midnight


Best dog?

The political science advisor’s dogs


Best spot for Wi-Fi?

Literally nowhere


Most inspiring professor?

Shayna Plaut, SFU International Studies